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Volume Four

November, 2005
November 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, First Issue

Catalog Number: 112005

Issue's Theme: St. Maria Goretti

Magazine's highlights:


A news report about a Nun, Colonel, and Doctor.


Yahoo! We have Smile! for you! (Smile! is one of our random features that illustrates funny, charming, short Catholic stories). What a great way to start off a new season!


Pizzazz Pendant - Learn how to craft an interchangeable pendant when you enter our Craft Shop. Incredibly easy instructions and the result will never lose it's pizzazz.

Let's Go Shopping: A list of sources to purchase different religious items relating to the Lily of Purity, St. Maria Goretti.


The Little Lily of Purity - the winning story of the Michaelmas 2002 Voices Young Writers Award Contest.

Relics, Elements of Faith: Explains the four classes, the great relics of the world, and a brief review about a 1st class relic of St. Maria Goretti owned by a reader.

We list ten ways you can promote modesty and chastity!

A summary of a booklet by Robert T. Hart that discusses St. Maria's most cherished virtue: chastity.

December, 2006
December 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, Second Issue

atalog Number: 122006

Issue's Theme: Family

Magazine's highlights:


Simply Cecilia - Introducing our new addition, the monthly comic featuring a clever, witty, and fun nun. . . Sister Maria Cecilia. We start out the collection of comics with a story that better explains her one-of-a-kind character and most of all: her never ceasing chain of ideas.


You'll find one great way to bring the family together for some fun in this edition of our Craft Shop feature. We are giving you the instructions, ideas, and inspiration to construct a scrapbook and take A Little Trip Down Memory Lane.

The Jesse Tree is a great tool to remind the family of Jesus' genealogy at Christmas time. So we have placed together some instructions on how to make one yourself, the symbols for the entire season, and traceable clipart (for the tree symbols) for the first week.


Good Ol' Saint Nick: A timeline taking you through history to discover the saint's prominent influence throughout time.

The family unit is so important especially today. With prayer we can keep this unit one, so SMM has collected a list of the Patron Saints of the Family.

Find out what our readers are saying about the importance and sanctity of family life. Just turn to page 17 for Your Opinions, where SMM asks girls questions about the Faith.

January, 2006
January 2006

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, Third Issue

Catalog Number: 012006

Issue's Theme: Spreading the Gospel and the Missionary Spirit

Magazine's highlights:


A young woman's heart is changed when she is placed in the midst of missionary sisters - Reporter for Charity.


Simply Cecilia - Don't forget our new monthly comic featuring a clever, witty, and fun nun. . .Sister Maria Cecilia.


One way to lend a hand to poor people of our nation is to send them a warm, handmade afghan. So SMM is showing you how to join Warm Up America!, an organization that people donate crocheted or knitted afghans to help the poor stay warm. We even give you step by step instructions (including clear illustrations) on how to crochet!


The Harvest is Abundant, But the Laborers Are Few - Inspiring and uplifting words on becoming a missionary for God.

There's No Business Like Faith-Based Business - A review about three family businesses (all with a religious centerpoint) - The Little Flowers Apostolates and Handmaid for the Lord.

Missionary Sisters - Detailed accounts about different missionary orders, including contact information. Note: This particular issue has a secret tucked inside! In the middle of the magazine you'll find a brochure about the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

February, 2006
February 2006

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, Fourth Issue

Catalog Number: 022006

Issue's Theme: Catholic women, past and present

Magazine's highlights:


The Ten Little Maidens - Along the Canadian Trail : Another Ten Little Maidens story for you! The Ten Little Maidens is a collection of short stories written by both the editors. The stories are about ten Catholic sisters living in rural Canada who always seem to be in the middle of a mystery or an adventure with their family. This time the family is on a pilgrimage to a shrine and you're invited to come along!

Fun & Activities

The Queen of Inventions - The story behind the greatest inventor of our time : the woman who invented the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also we have included an "updated" version of the recipe at the bottom of the page.


Discerning or Disburdening? Keys to Finding Your Vocation - A beautifully written, clear, detailed guide to discovering the life God is calling you to lead.

Just a Couple O' Saints - The editors have selected two of their favorite women saints who lived during the 19th and 20th centuries to talk about in this month's issue.

Turn to page 11 for famous quotes from women of the past for women of the present and future.

March, 2006
March 2006

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, Fifth Issue

Catalog Number: 032006

Issue's Theme: Pro-life issues focusing on abortion

Magazine's highlights:


Follow the Ten Little Maidens and their family as they journey to the Martyr's Shrine in the second installment of Along the Canadian Trail written by the editors of Saint Maria's Messenger. A neat fact about this episode of the Ten Little Maidens is that it is based on actual places and people!

Read articles written by the founder of Project Rachel, a Catholic ministry to help post abortion men and women, Vicki Thorn and her two daughters.

Know of the Little Flowers Family Apostolates? Find out about this wonderful endeavor by a Canadian family in Ontario through our interview with the founder, Rita Davidson.


Simply Cecilia counts down the days to Lent with her own calendar filled with suggestions and tips to make it a great and prosperous Lent!


Did you know there is a Rosary you can pray written especially for the unborn? We give you the prayers of the Pro-life Rosary and even how to make your own Pro-life rosary beads!


Investigate the life of the Saint of Life, Saint Gianna Molla with our brief biography and inspirational facts collected in the form of a family tree, or in this case, a "spiritual tree."

Find information about various orders of Religious Sisters whose main apostolate is . . . to end the culture of death.

Listen to the conversation between our two favorite theologians, Inquisitive Irene and Knowledgeable Nancy as they discuss pro-choice arguments and how to answer them correctly.

April, 2006
April 2006

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 4, Sixth Issue

Catalog Number: 042006

Issue's Theme: Gardening

Magazine's highlights:


A story by 17 year old Annie about a sweet little Colonial girl. Find out how she still found beautiful vegetables after a devastating hail storm!

Daughter of Amy Welborn, author of the De-Coding Da Vinci, took a trip with her family to Rome. We interview her on how it all went. Find out!


Of course we can't have an issue without a Smile. This time we load a page with riddles and jokes to give your cheeks a work out!


Our sister Catherine gives you instructions on how to build The World's Most Versatile Bracelet. What can that be you wonder? Well, we give you only one hint no clasp!


Two lovely young women share their thoughts on the worries of life and accepting his will.

Inquisitive Irene isn't asking the questions this time in Our Catholic Faith, but You are. About eight girls ask Nancy and Irene questions about best friends to feminism vs. Catholicism.

A new Regular Feature has arrived! SMM Catholic Reporter. We will cover the important issues in the world and its effects on the Catholic world. In this issue we give you an article entitled: The Abortion Argument Unravels.

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