Writer's Guidelines

We are always in need of written materials for our magazine. Since we are a small magazine, we will appreciate any donated story, article, interview, etc. Only when our magazine has a large enough circulation can we begin to pay those who submit, but of course all of you are in our prayers! To see what we are looking for, take a look at the guidelines below:

Stories: Our story department is usually in the most need to be filled. We are looking for stories about girls in real-to-life circumstances, historical fiction, stories based on true happenings, mysteries/problem-solving, Christian romance for our older readers, adventure, etc. Length should be 1500 to 3000 words.

Articles: They can deal with all aspects of the Catholic Faith, but they all need to be well researched, clear and captivating. We are looking for interviews with nice, interesting, devoted Catholic people of all ages and places. Reports and commentaries about people and girls making a difference -- ordinary girls like you doing extraordinary things. Articles about historical religious events, devotions, issues of our time, apologetics, etc. Poems, drawings, crafts, book/internet reviews, jokes/riddles, Catholic activities, etc. are always open too.

Age range. We know that our age range puts up a sort of problem, however we try to make each feature interesting enough for all age levels to read and enjoy. Also though, we do focus certain pieces in our magazine for certain age levels, younger (10-13), middle (14-16), and our eldest (17-up), in this way it does make it easier for us to write up the content.

Submitting. We accept submissions either via email or through postal mail. Please visit our Contact Us page for our addresses.

If you need ideas on what to write about, take a look at the list below:

1. Do you love reading books?
Might want to try writing up some book reviews for our "Bookworm Food" feature. Please try to choose books that are clean and safe for our readers.
2. Know a lot about the holy lives of the saints?
Give our Who's that Saint? feature a try!
3. Like cooking and/or baking?
Share one of your family recipes with us!
4. Are you the poetic type?
We would love to include some of your poetry!
5. Do you love to sew or do other crafts?
Share with us one of your original craft projects or techniques and we might use it in our Craft Shop feature.
6. Great devotion to Mary?
Give us your thoughts about the Blessed Virgin and we might use it for a future Mother Mary's Corner.
7. A true writer at heart?
Then your imagination is your limit! You can write an article about anything you want, you only have to keep within a Catholic basis and with a Catholic perspective.
8. Storyteller?
We always include a short story in every issue, maybe you can be the author for our next installment!
9. Good at explaining or defending your Faith or what you believe in?
Our Catholic Faith (a feature where two girls discuss different aspects of our Faith) may be the perfect choice for you.
10. Do you like solving puzzles, quizzes, or the like?
School Work Fun is our magazine's activity page which usually features a puzzle or quiz. You only need to stay within three requirements: Any activity has to be religious, educational, and of course FUN!
11. Artist at heart?
We're always looking for religious art to spruce up our magazine's layout. We would love to include your original art! Some subject ideas: Angels, Mary, Crucifixion, Holy Spirit, St. Maria Goretti, the Eucharist, saints, etc.
12. Are you a Lily of Purity?
Give your thoughts about our magazine's patroness: Saint Maria Goretti. There is so much to say about her holy and heroic life and we try to do this in our In the Footsteps of Saint Maria Goretti feature.
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