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This web site is recommended to scholars working in the humanitarian sciences, as well as to the general public interested in the history and culture of the Caucasus. It is dedicate to the fabulous Caucasian country, Georgia, the homeland of Prometeus and Medea.  The Caucasus is the one of the most vivid and multiflorous, but actually unknown part of the world. At the same time, its key importance is quite obvious in many aspects of modern life. This region is located in the center of the Eastern Hemisphere, between Europe and Asia, from the west to the east and between Russia and the Near East, from the north to the south.  
  I am Georgian historian and archaeologist. I attached to this text the List of Publications, Curriculum vitae and the List of References to my Works, perhaps they would be of some help to represent myself. I have a very rich personal library - the result of many years' standing collecting.  
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Dr. Giorgi Leon Kavtaradze         Some of my publications available in the web:
The chronology of the Aeneolithic-Bronze Age (in Russian) 1925 KB
About the Kartvelian Tribes in Anatolia (in Georgian) 3090 KB
Some aspects of Georgian Aeneolithic/Bronze Age cultures (R) 144 KB
Probleme der historischen Geographie Anatoliens. 95 KB
The Caucasian Gateway. Viewpoint (G) 48 KB
The interrelationship between Caucasian and Anatolian populations 47 KB
Georgia and the Main Caucasian Range (G) 204 KB
Gogla from the proximity... from the distant of years (G) 158 KB
The metallurgical data for the formation of chronology 673 KB
The identiy of the mysterious statue from the Erzerum Museumm22 KB
Problems of the interrelation of Caucasian and Anatolian  cultures 103 KB
Some remarks about the review of M.V. Andreeva (R) 492 KB
Two Transcaucasian ethnonyms of Anatolian origin 49 KB
Three pages from the Anatolian diary (G) 102 KB
Georgian chronicles and the raison d'etre of the Iberian Kingdom 589 KB
Die frueheste Metallobjekte in Zentral-Transcaukasie
n 33 KB
Some Anatolian & Caucasian ethnonyms of the classical sourc
es 320 KB
The sense of existence of the Iberian Kingdom
(G) 751 KB
Problems of the interrelation of Caucasian and Anatolian. (G) 773 KB
The chronology of the Caucasus during the Early Metal Age 186 KB
Middle Transcaucasia - an Outpost or a Bridgehead... (G) 99 KB
Instructions: how to defend ourselves from Wild Beasts (G) 152 KB
Who was a protorype of Chorexi? (G) 16 KB
Daiaeni/Diaukhi and the Georgian Political Tradition (G) 59 KB
Towards the Location of the Ancient "Royal City" of Daiaeni (G) 166 KB
The Ancient Country of Taokhians (G) 611 KB
Caucasian Georgia - a Bridgehead or a Stronghold 79 KB
The chronological interrelations of EBA cultures (G) 145 KB
Problems of the Historical Geograpy of SW Transcaucasia (G) 204 KB
Problems of State Development of Georgia (G) 3830 KB
Towards the Location of Ancient City-Fortresses of Tao (G) 369 KB
For the Location of Sololaki (G) 131 KB
Ancient Transcaucasian Data About Carthaginians (G) 214 KB
The Problem of Interpretation of Ancient Gem from Paris 19 KB
Leonidze and the Idea of Freedom of Georgia (G) 195 KB
The Caucasus and the Carthaginians (G with Eng summary) 1079 KB
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Years in photographies    
Photographies of my parents:
Lamara (Nestan) Leonidze
Leon Peter Kavtaradze
  Museum-Leonidze Patardzeuli Sagarejo. Botkoveli.What was seen by my own eyes.    
Giorgi Leonidze
Leonidze - a publicist
(in Georgian)
From a book: Giorgi Leonidze. The Tears of Georgia. Compiled by Nestan (Lamara) Leonidze. Tbilisi 2000 (in Georgian).    
From a book: Giorgi Leonidze. The Selected Poetry. Ed.: G.Margvelashvili. Tbilisi. Publishing House Merani, 1986 (in Russian translation). Second part (in Russian translation).    
Giorgi Leonidze's poetry in French translation    
Giorgi Leonidze's poetry in English.translation    
Nestan Leonidze. My father (memories) in Georgian  
Acad.PeterPaul Kavtaradze 1888-1966 (in Georgian)
Kavtaradze Centre of Caucasian & Anatolian Studies