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Introduction:   Characters:
Soryuden is an action novel written by Yoshiki Tanaka, who is also the author of the popular Sci-Fic story "The Galactic Heroes". CLAMP has been invited to draw illustrations for the pocket-size reprint of the novel since 1993, but Soryuden itself has started 6 years earlier and has been featured in a Japanese anime (under the title "The Legend of the Four Kings"). The story tells about the four brothers in the modern world who possess supernatural power that can allow them to transform into mighty dragons. They are believed to be the descendants of the Dragon's family in ancient China and the reincarnation of the mythical dragon brothers who guard the heavenly realms. Though they have invincible strength and bodies, they are content to live a normal life until evil enemies started to attack them. The fight becomes a war between the four brothers from Japan (the Dragons) versus the "Four Sisters" from the USA (the Bulls). The four brothers have to fend off the ambitious foes--the Bull's descendants who are trying to control the world through their grasp in the economy and technology--while they search for their roots and purpose of becoming the real dragons in the modern society. To escape for both their freedom and their lives, the characters have travelled all over the world, including China, America, Europe and even the Moon (well, that's the heaven where the dragons came from). It is a humorous but yet satirical story, covering a vast material in ancient Chinese history and modern-day technology, especially ammunitions and weapons. It is a story for heroic romance lovers, but CLAMP's illustrations have also helped to embroider the wonderful make-up of the four brothers to make them even more the charming and welcoming for all ages. Hajime Ryudou [Gou Kou the Blue Dragon of the East Sea] (23)
The eldest brother but also the guardian of the family. A History teacher in his grandfather's college, but later was forced to leave because of the enmity from Matsuri's father. Peace lover, but will use violence when he has to. Caring, thoughtful and responsible. The very man female readers vote to marry to.
Tsuzuku Ryudou [Gou Shyou the Red Dragon of the South Sea] (19)
Notable for his handsome fair complexion and fashionable appearance, yet it will be very ugly when this guy gets upset. Unlike his quiet elder brother, Tsuzuku will attack with both his words and his might. He is Hajime's advisor and takes charge of the kids' action. Can fluently speak various European languages.
Owaru Ryudou [Gou Jyun the White Dragon of the West Sea] (15)
A very big eater. This guy can never be still and loves a good fight. A self-claimed "action taker", but he sure is the most agile among the four. Though a hothead, he is very devoted to his job of protecting Amaru. Because he lost his parents early, he shows a great respect to the loving cousin Matsuri.
Amaru Ryudou [Gou En the Black Dragon of the North Sea] (13)
The most unstable of the four, Amaru always have prophetic dreams about the heavenly realms and their alternative selves. He is the first to "awake" and transform into a dragon. Hajime specially cares for this little brother. But except for his "episodes", he is basically a very nice boy (almost angelic).
Matsuri Toba [Taishinou Fujin] (18)
The pretty cousin and "goddess" to the 4 brothers. She takes care of the younger ones and feeds all the hungry stomachs. She is the reincarnation of the youngest daughter of Seioupo (a goddess queen in heaven). The relationship between Matsuri and Hajime can be traced back to their previous life in heaven, so it is no wonder that the two look a lot like lovers in this life time.

* Are you wondering when their birthdays are? Well, all the Ryudou brothers have the same birthday on Jan 17. The number 117 has a very special meaning in the story, such as these brothers are the 117th generation of the Ryudou family. You will know this after reading Vol. 1. As for all other characters, no one ever celebrates his/her birthday in the story, and none of the guide books mentions their personal data, so we know nothing about it at this point.

An Interview from Vol. 1:
The Creation of Soryuden
Yoshiki Tanaka VS Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP)

The Novels:
As part of KatKo's CLAMP Celebration, this site is basically an image gallery of CLAMP's illustrations.
Only translation of the brief summary printed on the covers and brief explanation are provided.
I sincerely recommend people who want to know more about the story to purchase the novels.

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Volume 1: Super Dragon Brothers Four Volume 2: Dragon Brothers in Skyscraper Volume 3: Dragon Brothers' Counterattack Volume 4: Dragon Brothers' Escaping Volume 5: Mirage City
Volume 6: Bloody Dream Volume 7: Dragons Flying over China Volume 8: Dragons' Fairyland Volume 9: Dragon's Comeback Volume 10: The Last Day

Volume 11 (Latest volume)

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