S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 8:
Dragons' Fairyland

1996 ISBN4-06-263301-9 (505 Yen)
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cover The Ryudou brothers have reached Ronshenshyn. Youki, Taishinou Fujin (Matsumi)'s elder sister, comes out to meet with them and bring them to the heavenly realms. However, the Bulls of the Four Sisters block their way. Under the monsters's attack, the four dragons of different colours again fly across the sky. "Hahahaha..." The female fighter of a matchless beauty (?!)--Kobayakawa is here again!

Seioupo is the leader of the goddesses and fairies in heaven. Taishinou Fujin (Matsumi) is her youngest daughter. The "princesses" in heaven are all called "Fujin", so it doesn't mean Matsumi has already gotten married. Youki and Gyokuyu are Seioupo's 4th and 5th daughters, and thus Matsumi's elder sisters. (OK, so you start thinking the possible development between the brothers and these Fujins...)


Amaru seeing Owaru as a dragon king in his dreamIntelligent and couragesou, Youki acts faster than the guys to beat up the GyushuSeioupo with her daughters: Youki (4th) and Gyokuyu (5th)Kobayakawa yelling at others to call her "Tenshi no na chan"

Owaru boasting about his knowledge about the Moon (which NASA bothers to reveal to the people)The four dragons exist from the beginning of time

Owaru, the greedy eater...


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