S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 7:
Dragons Flying Over China

1996 ISBN4-06-263167-9 (505 Yen)
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cover The Ryudou brothers start out for Ronshenshyn (Long Quan Xiang), the homeland of the Gou's family somewhere in China. The Four Sisters persist to follow, and the war now involves the soldiers of the Rebuplic of China... The dragons of the four different colours have now flewn across the sky of the hinterland of China. Will they ever reach their destination? Meanwhile, the mysterious woman Natsuko Kobayakawa appears to power-up this volume...

Kobayakawa is Funadu's daughter, has been married for at least 8 times where each of her ex-husband disappears without a trace in this world and thus left her all their fortune. Even though she is a fat woman, she can wear her heavy amour suit and chase the dragon brothers around whenever she feels like it--after all, she has to avenge her father's death. Like her father, she is also a influential figure in her society, being called "the Queen of Beijing" and many other weird but justifiable nicknames. By the way, it is the first time I see CLAMP drawing a non-pretty character...


The "breath-taking" KobayakawaCompared with the previous woman, Matsuri sure is a goddessThe brothers investigating on a land full of minds under the Chinese soldiers' noses.It has become their regular exercise

He is no Minotaur of the Knossos! This is Lanbert Clark, a Gyushu (the Bulls) member and a destined enemy of the dragon brothersA dragon disco in China? No, they are being "scratched" by the ammunition of the soldiers there.

Tsuzuku doesn't like birds? Well, wait until you see Owaru next...


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