S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 6:
Bloody Dream

1995 ISBN4-06-263032-X (505 Yen)
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cover The four Ryudou brothers start to counterattack the bad tyrrant who is planning for the death of 5 billion people. The Four Sisters is ready to go to war with all arms. The American super-capability troops and a transcontinental homicide beam raid push the brothers closer than ever before. The brothers get more the upset when Matsrui is taken hostage. The power of anger again unite the dragons under the same sky!

In volume one, Funadu told Hajime that there should be a Dragon Ball which their grandpa had brought back from China. It is a legendary treasure that can manipulate the weather. Tsukasa never yielded it to the Japanese government. However, the dragon brothers do not know its whereabouts now, but somehow Amaru seems to have a strong connection to such a thing. Hajime's habit of recording Amaru's dreams has started even when their grandfather was still alive.


Matsuri fights fiercely with her loyal pup Soshihiko MatsunagaThe New Centuary Hotel becomes the battlefieldNever underestimate children with stones in their hands!

Hajime is always ready for a good Chinese history lesson which... bores Tsuzuku?Yo, Tsuzuku and Owaru just can't bare with gun shots during supper time

Doesn't this look like Linus from the Peanuts?


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