S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 5:
Mirage City

1995 ISBN4-06-185884-X (505 Yen)
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cover Jyunzou Hitaka, the principal of the Hakuyou College in Kaitou near the coast of the Japan Sea, was an old friend of the dragon brothers' dead grandfather Tsukasa Ryudou. One day, Hitaka sent an S.O.S. message to the four brothers. Hajime has thus decided to spend two school terms there in order to help. Owaru and Amaru become two mysterious transfer students and spy upon the sinister makeup-party, and it turns up to be a havoc. Will the four brothers change into dragons in their spasm of anger?

This is supposed to be a "special" volume, so the story has nothing in connection with the previous or next volume. The name "Shin Sei Shn Ri Kyoudan" reminds people of that religious sect in Japan which cast gas bomb in the train in Tokyo some years ago. But I can't believe Owaru and Amaru could be so innocent in saying they truely believe in the "Poor Good" who can save the day from mending financial crisis... (Don't ask me what they mean, I have no idea either.)

Matsuri, Taishinou Fujin

The jobless crew now got something to do."Yes! We believe in the Poor God!"The party was ruined by the two little funny guys.

The brothers saving Mrs. Samukawa and her child from the men sent by Yasunobu Nagumo, the notorious president of the Kaitou GroupThese 4 monsters just can't be cast off by spells and curses.

The 4 brothers respect Matsuri like Songoku to Konnon (a bunch of monkeys around a feeder ^_^)

Souryuden in Tanaka's Galactic Heroes?In Sangoku?Run! The horrible Natsuko Kobayakawa is coming!


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