S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 9:
Dragons' Comeback

1998 ISBN4-06-263704-9 (533 Yen)
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cover The Ryudou brothers return to Hong Kong. Japan has a serious earthquake and everywhere is in fire. The Four Sisters continue with their plans of wiping out 5 billion people in the world. They are even pointing the nuclear missiles at Hong Kong! To save the humanity from such a madness, the four dragons again appear to fight--on the surface of the Moon... Matsunaga (Matsuri's dog) will reveal a shocking truth, and let us not forget the self-claimed "beauty" Ms. Kobayakawa...

The "Eight Deities" are one of the very popular legends in China and their story is still being performed by the Chinese drama actors. Though the seven male and one female deities all were believed to have different talents, they are still fictious and lack historical support. However, their story of crossing over the sea and helping mortals on the way is quite pleasant. Tanaka must have borrowed the part of crossing over the sea to metaphorically refer to the change of rule of power so commonly seen in present-day society. Too bad CLAMP has made only one drawing about them (Ransaiwa, below).


A wild dog that devours human fleshAmaru has manged to call upon a giant python"Moonlight Fantasia"

Ransaiwa, one of the Eight Deities in heavenMatsunaga tells about his original identity of being the sacred canine of heavenTsuzuku, Owaru and Amaru riding on the Blue Dragon

By now, you should observe the relationship between the SD and the coloured insert. ^_^


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