S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 10:
The Last Day

1999 ISBN4-06-264644-7 (552 Yen)
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cover The Ryudou brothers fly to the Four Sisters' headquarter London to stop their plan of killing 5 billion people. return to Hong Kong. Japan has a serious earthquake and everywhere is in fire. The Four Sisters continue with their plans of wiping out 5 billion people in the world. They are even pointing the nuclear missiles at Hong Kong! To save the humanity from such a madness, the four dragons again appear to fight--on the surface of the Moon... Matsunaga (Matsuri's dog) will reveal a shocking truth, and let us not forget the self-claimed "beauty" Ms. Kobayakawa...

To this point, the reader should know that the plan of the Gyushu (the Bull clan) is to replace the humans on earth by killing the most of them. The purpose for dragon brothers together with all the heavenly commrades reincarnate to this world in this era is to save the humanity from this untolerable act of violence. As the author is planning to end the story in the next few volumes, much of the story is being revealed and come to an end. Will the dragon brothers be victorious (sure we believe to be so)? And where will they go afterwards?


A mysterious lady from the Four SistersKobayakawa shows off againKobayakawa's screaming threatens even the doves at Edingburg

Dragons fighting the evil BullMonstrosity is justified by the mind and action, not just the form.Matsuri as the female "gang boss". ^_^

I will think of Kotori from CLAMP's X whenever I look at Matsuri's SD images.


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