S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 11:
The Dragons of Genesis

1999 (Pocket-size not yet available)
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  The four Ryudou brothers go visit a rural city when it is going to celebrate the international drama festival. However, in the college of arts which belongs to a friend of their grandfather, some workers and teachers are reported missing. The brothers are asked to help, but they themselves start to encounter strange phenomenon as well. In the night of the astroid shower of the constellation of Leo, what will happen to that famous winter resort? This is a special story full of mystery and strange phenomenon!

This is an extra to the Soryuden story in which the heroic action of the four Ryudou brothers continues. However, Kobayakawa now becomes a mad woman (well, she has been quite mad in the previous volumes, but this time is really lunatic) and Matsuri is not playing any major role in the story. It is much like an OAV to an anime because the story is quite stand-alone but still is a lot of fun (especially if you are a fan of the dragon brothers). The Chinese version is titled "The Legend of the King of the Silvermoon," which is also the name of the featured drama of that festival in the story. Who is this King of the Silvermoon? What is the evil scheme behind all this? My comment is that this story is less exciting than the any of the earlier volumes, but still it gave me hours of laughters while reading it. Legend has it that (actually from the brothers' interview at the end) the story is based on a dream of the author, so... it might just be that Tanaka-san's dream is less brilliant than his creativity...

Oh, CLAMP has not yet made illustration for the pocket-size version yet. I shall add the images when they are availabe.



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