S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 2: Dragon Brothers in Skyscraper
1993 ISBN4-06-185462-3 (500 Yen)
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cover The Four Sisters have come to fight against the four super dragon brothers for their ultra power. As their far-east (American) bosses are aiming for a worldwide conquest, a series of confidential tactics has begun. Owaru and Amaru have made a big hole in the baseball dome when some people are trying to chatch them. Tsuzuku is chased into a corner in a skyscraper in Shinshuku. His tolerance has reached its limit, and he finally transforms into a gigantic dragon, engulfing the enemies in flames...

The Four Sisters are four fictious corporations in the US: Rockford, Mirron, Marigan and Dupan (also known as RMMD). Later the purpose of them will be revealed, and their boses are actually the decendents of the Bull's clan, the enemies of the dragons in heaven.

Tsuzuku the Red Dragon of the South Sea

The brothers have even more fun than they have expected in the playland."London bridge is falling down"Tsuzuku learns a lesson that no one can be pefectThe treacherous uncle is leading Tsuzuku to Lady L

Lady L watching Tsuzuku's transformation with aweWherever the Red Dragon touches, it burns

The 4 brothers of superhuman power


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