S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Volume 3: Dragon Brothers' Counterattack
1994 ISBN4-06-185597-2 (500 Yen)
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cover The four American corporations "the Four Sisters" send the beautiful Lady L to clear up her humiliation caused by the dragon brothers, so begins another round of evil plans. The enemies stirred up much agitation, and in the end they have started a fire in the mother school of the Ryudou brothers. Owaru Ryudou, the White Dragon of the West Sea, transforms into a dragon in his agony and fights back!

After the threatening appearance of the fire dragon, people begin to abhor such mosters. The brothers can only depend on themselves to stay alive and away from the scalpel of the mad butcher Dr. Zawaatsushi Tamo. Knowing from Funada (the old man in Vol. 1) that their dragon blood may rejuvenate a living person and even give them immortality, Hajime has been more the cautious with their younger brothers. Now that worries him is that what if he was to transform into a dragon too? Who or what can bring him back to normal?

Owaru the White Drgon of the West Sea

Owaru being knocked on the head for being too talkative during the news broadcast.Owaru beat up a few bad guys in 10 seconds.Lieutanant Masahiko Mizuchi meeting the "rescue team" at the tankA dragon brother always finds his way out...

Prince Charming meeting Princess Seductive (Lady L)The White and Black Dragons appearing in the American military base

The kids sure make Hajime to feel old prematurely.


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