S o r y u d e n
The Super Dragon Brothers
Soryuden Official Guide Book
1997 ISBN4-06-263457-0 (476 Yen)
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cover Even though over 90% of the images in this guide book can also be found on the novels, I still highly recommend this to anyone interested in Soryuden. As a matter of fact, I use this book a lot when I'm working on this site because it is so informative and educational. I promise myself not to put up any scan of its content, but let me tell you what you will find inside: the character files of the four brothers, information about the other characters, glossary of almost every term you want to know in Soryuden, a tour guide of the places mentioned in the novels, a schedule of the brothers' "destructivity" all the way up to Vol. 8 (as this Guide Book was first published after Vol. 8), weapon information, Chinese mythology guide, FAQ of the story, and the characteristic dialogues of the four brothers. And if you look closely, you will also find a list of MUSIC employed in the story (which I had not paid much attention before), and short essays talking about the brothers' family lives and recollections.

How I wish other novels could have such a useful guide book! Therefore, I wish you could have yours too. ISBN info is always available at the upper right corner of all my pages.

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