Kata of Akari-ki Shorin-Ryu

"The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle!"

Yellow Belt (7th Kyu)

bullet Wansu
bullet Pinan Shodan

Blue Belt (6th Kyu)

bullet Honna Ku
bullet Pinan Nidan

Green Belt (5th Kyu)

bullet Seisan
bullet Pinan Sandan

Purple Belt (4th Kyu)

bullet Pinan Yodan
bullet Pinan Godan

Brown Belt (3rd Kyu)

bullet Ichigina Passai
bullet Passai Dai
bullet Bo Basics
bullet Bo-Jits

Brown Belt (2nd Kyu)

bullet Gojushiho
bullet Bo Kumite One
bullet Bo Kumite Two

Brown Belt (1st Kyu)

bullet Kusanku
bullet Sai Jits


Black Belt (Shodan)

bullet Bassai Dai
bullet Kama Jits
bullet Naihanchi Shodan

Black Belt (Nidan)

bullet Chinto
bullet Naihanchi Nidan
bullet Bo Sai Kumite

Black Belt (Sandan)

bullet Naihanchi Sandan
bullet Sun Form
bullet Moon Form

Additional Kata of our Style

bullet Rohai
bullet Matsumura Hakutsuru Sho
bullet Flowing Seas
bullet Shorinji Sanchin
bullet Yaka Nu Sai
bullet Yanaguwa Nu Kon Gyaku
bullet Nagamine Nunchuku Sho
bullet Nagamine Nunchuku Dai
bullet Chikin Bo
bullet Kuda Nu Bo Shodan
bullet Kuda Nu Bo Nidan
bullet Kuda Sai Sho
bullet Kuda Kama Sho
bullet Kuda Tonfa Sho


*The interpretations (what to get out of this kata) on each page of the kata information just barely begins to tell what a student should learn from the kata.  It is very vague and incomplete and my perspective.  Complete understanding of a kata can only come from studying it, working it, learning the bunkai, and then teaching it to others.  The information gathered from here has come from numerous sources but mainly, George Alexander's "Okinawa: Island of Karate," Mark Bishop's "Okinawan Karate," and Levin Brown "Comments on Okinawan Kata".

Okinawan Name

Japanese Name

Pinan Heian
Naihanchi Tekki
Passai Bassai
Seisan Hangetsu
Chinto Gankaku
Wansu Empi
Rohai Meikyo
Kusanku Kanku
Niseishi Nijushiho
Gojushiho Useishi
Wankan Matsukaze

*Note the proper name is the Okinawan name of the kata, but I have presented the Japanese name so that you may be familiar with them.

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