The Constants of Shorin-Ryu

"Techniques will occur in the absence of conscience thought." -Bubishi

*These are some of the constants that I have learned for our system.  They are not put into any order of importance, rather they are placed in the order that I could think of them, been reminded of them, and have learned them.  These are things that should be applies to all of the techniques that our students perform.  If you have an questions about these or the way that I have explained them here, or if you can think of some that I have not mentioned, please email me at the link given below.  There are many constants to our system, and while I am sure that I have heard many more then are present here, I for some reason can't think of them right now.  Another note on these, is that they can be applied to any system and should, they follow all known laws of physics to make your techniques the strongest and fastest that they can possible be.  I also want to note that this is my understanding of the constants as taught to my by Sensei Johnson.  I play to add farther explanation of each constant as I am able to type them out.  I would also like to note that there is always an exception to the rule, so as I can, I will try and explain these exceptions (for example, when performing a front kick one would not lead with the weapon, but would lead with the knee).

  1. Most of the time lead a movement with the weapon you are attacking with.
  2. Always have your back foot slightly in front of your front foot in relationship to the center of your opponentís body
  3. Look at your opponents entire body.  You should be able to see from their head to their toes.
  4. Try to never let the elbows leave your body; this will result in greater leverage.  When the elbows must leave the body they should be the last thing to leave.  The exception being when throwing an elbow strike.
  5. Try to act like there is a pole running all the way through your body, from your head to the floor, and that you canít bend this pole.  You should try to keep the back straight and the head up.  If you must lean on a kick, then lean on the kick not before and not after!
  6. All of our blocks are based off of the X-block, and all should be able to be related back to the X-block.
  7. Punch with the first two knuckles of your hand because these bones run the length of the arm, they don't just end at the wrist.  (other strikes might utilize other parts of the hand)
  8. Most blocks and strikes should be done with the weight transferring into the strike.
  9. When moving forward make sure to keep the weight back until you know that it is safe to set the foot down. When moving back you should keep the weight forward, until you know that it is safe to set your foot down. You should never fall forwards or backwards.
  10. Try to shoot for 6 to 8 inches of penetration on your technique.
  11. Never be stiff with your movements, always be flowing and relaxed, you should only be tight on impact (try to breath naturally).
  12. Every block, strike, or kick should be done with the least amount of movements (what we call "counts") as possible.


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