John Gerrath's Ancestors
Here's an experiment in the presentation of all of my ancestors (that I know of).
I have no idea how this will look for everybody (okay, I have an idea), so give me a shout and tell me what you saw and what you thought of this way of putting out an ancestor chart.
Is it too weird looking? Not very clear? Tell me.
As usual, if you see any of your relations on this page, please let me know.
I'd love to hear from you!
You can write me at:
[email protected] or [email protected]
or mail me at
70 Dumbarton St.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1E 3T6
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John Gerrath Joseph Fredrick Gerrath John James Gerrath Geraths Fredrick Geraths Friederich Geraths Peter Gerhards Henrich Gerhards
Barbara Guelden
Sophia Linnartz Johann Linnartz
Elisabetha Wirtz
Anna Maria Wiedenfeld Caspar Wiedenfeld Caspar Wiedenfeld
Maria Welters
Anna Cordula Esser Johann Esser
Anna Maria Kannengiesser
Magdalena Eiler Johann Eiler Mathias Eyler Matthias Eiler
Catharina Mueller
Anna Kirchen Peter Kirchen
Anna Schmitz
Catharina Schieder Michael Schieder  
Catharina Zimmer  
Margaret Mary Anderson William Anderson Alex Anderson William Anderson  
Barbara Anderson John Anderson
Elizabeth McCombie
Christina Anderson James Anderson  
Margaret Forbes William Forbes
Isobel Herriegerrie
Isabella Anderson James Anderson James Anderson  
Margaret Forbes William Forbes
Isobel Herriegerrie
Mary Riddell James Riddel Charles Riddle
Barbara Meldrum
Mary Melvin James Melven
Mary Baxter
Jean Mary Drewry Andrew William Drewry William Charles Drewry William Drewry    
Elizabeth Appleyard Daniel Appleyard James Appleyard
Ann Woodward
Kezia Fox  
Mary Jane Graham John Graham John Graham  
Margaret Campbell  
Mary Patrick Andrew Patrick John Patrick
Jean Statner
Elizabeth Watson  
Edith Grace Pullen Frank Edgar Pullen Henry Peacock Pullen Henry Pullen John Pullen
Elizabeth Clark
Eliza Ambrouse  
Mary Layzell James Layzell James Layzell
Lucy Barker
Mary Bagley  
Jane Hamilton Rennie John Rennie Thomas Rennie John Rennie
Jane Douglas
Jane Hamilton William Hamilton
Annie Ferguson
Mary W. Thomlinson John Thomlinson John Thomlinson
Mary White
Isabella Rennie William Rennie
Isabella Thomson

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