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Famous People!

Well, okay, these aren't FAMOUS people, but they are important. Without them, I wouldn't be here, so I'm hoping to include some records here that pertain directly to some of my ancestors. Hopefully they'll give you a better idea of who some of these folks were and hopefully (again) you'll find this information interesting.
At this point, I really only have a few clippings, mostly about my G-G-Grandfather John Rennie, a famous Scottish naval architect of the 19th century.
If any of you folks out there are relatives and have any interesting newspaper clippings or documents about family members, please get in touch with me and I'll put them up here.
You can e-mail me at:
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or mail me at
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John Rennie, Naval Architect
Documents related to this person include: A letter to the editor of Unknown newspaper, circa. 1914
Obituary in the London and Liverpool Journal of Commerce c.1918

John Gerrath/Geraths/Gerhards, Farmer
Documents related to this person include: Picture of John Geraths Gerrath in South Dakota, circa 1902.

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