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Family Links Page!

This page is intended as a clearinghouse of web-pages and e-mail addresses owned by family members. It is hoped that this'll give folks spread across the continent a place to find ways to connect with their relatives.
If you're family and want your info listed here, or would like your info removed,
You can e-mail me at:
[email protected] or [email protected]
or mail me at
70 Dumbarton St.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1E 3T6

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The Anderson Family: (This way to the Anderson Family Genealogy Page)
Les McLaren (Glasgow, Scotland)
[email protected]
Alex Anderson (Surrey, England)
[email protected]

The Hohn Family (and connected folks): (Go to the Hohn Family Report Page)
Jacob Hohn (Montana)
[email protected]

The Gerrath/Geraths Family: (Go to the Geraths Family Genealogy Page)
Jean Gerrath (Iowa)
[email protected]
Her UNI Biology Web Page
Janet M. A. Gerrath (Nova Scotia)
[email protected]

Joseph F. Gerrath (Ontario)
[email protected]
His Family Tree Maker Web Page
Larry Gerrath (Victoria, B.C.)
[email protected]
Roy Gerrath (Victoria, B.C.)
[email protected]
Debbie and Joe Lynch (Ontario)
[email protected]
Terry Geraths-Taylor (Oregon)
[email protected]
Auntie Woof's Web Page (Very Cool!)
Steve Geraths (Oregon)
[email protected]
MicDel Online! (Very Cool Too!)
Dana Geraths (Oregon)
[email protected]

The Kurtenbach Family (and connected folks): (Go to the Vast Kurtenbach Reports)
Alice Schatz (Illinois)
[email protected]

The Layzell Family (and connected folks):
(Go to the Layzell Family Page)
Gary Holland (Hertfordshire, England)
[email protected]

The Patrick Family (and connected folks): (Click here for the Patrick Family Page)
Peggy Brown (Michigan)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Peggy's Page of Procrastination,
Processed to Perfection
Marcia Chapman (Michigan)
[email protected]
Bridget Patrick (Michigan)
[email protected]
Walter Joslin (Michigan)
[email protected]
Barb Hosner (Michigan)
[email protected]
Harold Patrick(Virginia)
[email protected]

The Wermers Family: (Go to the Wermers Family Report Page)
Don Wermers (Wisconsin)
[email protected]

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