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This is another seafaring family from the English county of Essex! The Layzells, it seems, lived mainly in the Colchester / Brightlingsea / Harwich area of Essex, England, although this line has links in Bures, Suffolk (right on the Essex / Suffolk boundary). Most of the early Layzells that I know of, lived in the small Essex village of Brightlingsea, just south of Wivenhoe, and a bit further south from Colchester. The current sketch of the family tree begins with John Laysol and his wife Susan. Their four children, Charlotte (b. 1766), James (b. 1769), Robert (b. 1772) and Jemima (b. 1776) all seem to have survived into adulthood. Charlotte married a William Leverick and Jemima married George Hum (Thanks to Bill Szelazek for help with the Hum line). James married Sarah Knight (who died shortly thereafter, without issue) and then Lucy Barker. James and Lucy had two children, James and Edward Layzell, two brothers born at the beginning of the 19th century who both died before the age of 50. I'm still trying to get a handle on both their families.
Most of Edward and James Layzell's lines stay in England around the Essex and London region, but James' daughter Mary (b. 1832), who married the merchant seaman Henry Peacock Pullen (of Wivenhoe), had a son named Frank who had a taste for wandering. After some years as a schoolteacher, Frank ended up living happily on the banks of the Fraser River in Whonnock, British Columbia, Canada, marrying Jane Hamilton Rennie and becoming my Great-Grandfather ! I'm sure there must be many more interesting Layzell-related lives out there, so send 'em in!
At this moment, there are a lot of dangling Layzells in my file with very little information available to flesh them out or to trace them to living folk. If you have Layzell relatives, maybe you can help! An Essex connection would seem to be a good clue to a possible relationship. Drop me a line and we can discuss it!

Hey!! Even if you are not connected to my Layzells, if you have ANY family named LAYZELL, LAZELL, LASCELLES, etc., check out the LAYZELL SURNAME ARCHIVE!!!

Check out the Layzell Family Report!

Surnames related to this line include: GERRATH, LEVERICK, HOLLAND, HUM, NELSON, PULLEN, and STROH
Places related to this line include: Brightlingsea, Colchester and Wivenhoe, Essex, England
Harwich, Essex, England
Bures, Suffolk, England

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Check out the Layzell Family Report!
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