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Family Photos Page!

Welcome to my Family Photos web-page!
Here you can browse through various pictures of family members and get an idea of how the gene-flow worked out over all these years. If you see pictures that shouldn't be here, or have photos to add (especially photos of the older generations), please give me a shout!

You can e-mail me at:
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or mail me at
70 Dumbarton St.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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Drewry | Geraths/Gerrath | Pullen

The Drewry Family: (Go to the Drewry Family Genealogy Page)
William Charles Drewry
Pulled off the streets of London by the Barnardo Home for Boys and sent to work in Canada, here are some pictures of this interesting man.

October 1888, age 12, admission to Barnardo's home, London, England (JPG-17K)
Shipping out to Canada, William and some chums in London before boarding a boat to the new land in 1889. (arrow denotes our pick for William) (JPG-88K)
William and his new wife, Jean Graham, in Stratford, Ontario, circa 1907 (JPG-30K)
William at the wedding of his son Andrew, with Robert Hamilton, cousin of the bride, Whonnock, British Columbia, circa 1942 (JPG-38K)

The Gerrath/Geraths Family: (Go to the Geraths Family Genealogy Page)
John Gerrath
In the Cliff Ecology Lab at Guelph (JPG-64K)
Collecting rock algae on the Niagara Escarpment (GIF-166K)
Sightseeing, again on the Escarpment (JPG-59K)
John Geraths Gerrath
My Grandad, circa 1902 in South Dakota. (GIF-21K)
In WWI uniform, c.1916, Saskatoon? (JPG-59K)
On the Canadian Prairie, c. early 1940s (JPG-19K)

Margaret Mary Anderson
My Grandma, c. 1918, in Scotland or Winnipeg. (JPG-9K)

The Nine Children of Friederich Geraths and Catherine Marking and Magdalena Eiler!
This amazing photograph (taken in South Dakota, around 1902) collects all of the Geraths siblings in one shot! The moustaches in this photo are superb.
Big File: GIF-339K or Smaller File: GIF-181K
Back Row (L-R): Sophie (Wermers), Magdalina (Hohn), Mary (Hohn), Ursula (Kurtenbach)
Middle Row (L-R): Casper, Peter, John
Front Row (L-R): Nellie (Kurtenbach), Katherine (Kurtenbach)

The Stonehams
Here are some shots, taken in Vancouver during the late '50's, of Louise (née Gerrath) and Roy Stoneham's family.
David and Roy Stoneham (JPG-20K)
David Stoneham (JPG-16K, WARNING: Partial Nudity!)
Brenda Stoneham (JPG-12K)
Jim Stoneham (June 8, 1960: JPG-17K)
More Gerraths!
Larry Gerrath (JPG-14K)
Larry and Debbie Gerrath (JPG-13K)
Roy Gerrath (JPG-23K)

The Pullen Family: (Go to the Pullen Family Genealogy Page)
Henry Peacock Pullen
A drawing of Henry, possibly from Malta in the 1840's (GIF-140K)
Henry, in Wivenhoe in the early 1900's (JPG-39K)
Edith Pullen
Edith as a teeny girl in Whonnock, B.C. (GIF-15K)
Frank Pullen
Frank, a young teacher in Wivenhoe, Essex, England, c. 1900? (JPG-31K)
Frank (3rd from left) and an early bike gang in Wivenhoe, England. A couple of his cousins are with him, including Watford "Watty" Nicholl on the fence. (JPG-69K)

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