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This surname is clearer and clearer due to an amazing breakthrough, namely the incredible uncovering of John Outhwaite, a long lost close cousin and able genealogist. Much information here about the older generations (pre-1820s) of this family are to be credited to his work and the work of Lesley Milsom (another cousin). The name 'Drewry' is English and is occasionally spelled 'Drury'. My line hails from North Thoresby, Lincolnshire in the mid 1800's. My Great-Grandfather William Charles Drewry was born there in 1876, the third child of William (born in Irby-on-Humber) and Elizabeth (Appleyard) (born in N. Thoresby). The family moved to East London (Plaistow) where Elizabeth died (1885) when William Charles was very young. William Sr. had opened a bar/tavern but became racked by disease. He lost his tavern, and resorted to selling coffee on the street. He soon died (1888), leaving his children orphaned. William Charles wound up living in the streets of London under very Dickensian conditions. A friendly gatekeeper in London helped William and, eventually, Barnardo's Home for boys took him in and sent him to Canada in 1898-1900. He worked on an unknown farm in south-western Ontario for a short time, after which he was taken in by the Muirs of Avonbank, Downie Township, Perth County, Ontario (where he appears in the 1901 census for Downie Twp. as "William Drury"). William apparently was quite a dashing figure in quiet Downie Twp. and fit perfectly into the local social structure (calling the local dances, etc.). In 1907 William married Mary Jane Graham (a neighbour and in-law of the Muirs who was helping with the family) and moved to Whonnock, British Columbia where Mary's brother Andrew owned the General Store.
There are still folk around old Avonbank who remember tales of "Bill" Drewry. William and Mary had four children, most of whom stayed in the Lower Mainland region of B.C. (one, Lawrence John moved to Montreal, Quebec).

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Places related to this line include: Humber, England
North Thoresby, Lincoln, England
London, England
Whonnock and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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