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The Rennie name is inextricably wrapped up in the Thomlinson line. Two seemingly unrelated Scottish Rennie lines married Thomlinsons. The first (of which little is known), Isabella Rennie, married John Thomlinson (a saddler) in 1845 in the Gorbals section of Glasgow, Scotland.
John Rennie, the son of Thomas Rennie (a sawyer) and Jane Hamilton (who were from Stranraer in Wigtown) and apparently not related to his mother-in-law-to-be Isabella, married Isabella and John's daughter Mary W. in Partick, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland, August 23rd, 1867. He was a successful naval engineer and designed the sails for the famous 19th century tea-clipper called the Cutty Sark. He was commissioned by the government to teach Chinese students how to engineer some of the great ships of the 1800s. John was made an honorary Mandarin and there are many wonderful family heirlooms of 19th century Chinese origin.
Thomas Rennie, seemingly the eldest of John and Mary's six children married Jennie Moore and settled on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, at the turn of the century. His descendants spread to the Canadian Prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as staying in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. John "Douglas" Rennie (another of John and Mary's children) married Josephine Wilson Weir in 1910 in Chile. He was a successful civil engineer and he and Josephine travelled all over the world. John was integral in building some of the first railroads in Chile and Kenya. Jane Hamilton Rennie, the fifth of John and Mary's six children, married Frank Edgar Pullen at Thomas's house in Esquimalt in 1910. Jane and Frank settled in Whonnock, British Columbia where Jane's cousin Robert A. Hamilton lived. They had three children, all of whom stayed in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia.
There are a couple of interesting and poorly documented Rennie surname connections. The Hamilton surname (Jane Hamilton, Jane Hamilton Rennie and a cousin named Robert Hamilton, etc.) is a connection only just being discovered, and should yield some new Wigtown/Glasgow family history. Another surname was uncovered by John "Douglas" Rennie. John was not given the name Douglas. He was an avid family researcher and managed to link the Rennie family with the Douglas family (the Black Douglases). He changed his name to incorporate his find, thus John Douglas Rennie.
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Places related to this line include: County Down, Northern Ireland
Stranraer, Wigtown, Scotland
Partick and the Barony, Glasgow, Scotland
Taltal, Chile
British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

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