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This Patrick family seems to originate in Scotland, but there are almost no records of these people during the time they were in that country. Most of the information I have comes from North American records and various family bibles.
One of these bibles shows the family beginning with John Patrick (b. 1776) and Jean Statner (b.1777). From there we have Andrew Patrick (b.1802) (my G-G-G-Grandfather) living in Glasgow, Scotland, and working as a cotton spinner. Both of his marriages appear in the parish records of Kilbarchan, Renfrew and Gorbals, Lanark.
Andrew and his new second wife Elizabeth (Watson, m. 1839) of Lanarkshire, Scotland arrived in Ontario, Canada, probably in Paris, Ontario, around 1844. They soon moved to Perth County, Ontario, eventually settling in Hibbert Township, (just north of Staffa). With the couple were many of Andrew's children from his first marriage to Janet (Dick, m. 1823 who had died in 1838), including Andrew's son Andrew junior (b.1834 in Glasgow). Andrew junior was the seventh of Andrew and Janet's eight children. Andrew senior and Elizabeth Watson had 10 children.
William (b.1826, Andrew and Janet's oldest son) possibly travelled to America on his own and probably settled first in Paris, then in nearby Innerkip, marrying Susanna Schell ( of the Herkimer, New York, Schells ), fathering nine kids and moving the whole kit and kaboodle to Lapeer Co., Michigan..
Jane/Jean Patrick (b.1828) stayed in Canada and married Innerkip's Peter Reid; living in Blandford Twp., Oxford Co. for the rest of her life. They had about ten children, one of whom (Elizabeth, b.1865) married Matthew Chesney and stayed in the Innerkip area.
Andrew jr. married his neighbour in Hibbert Twp., Ann Davis (the daughter of Montgomery Davis and Ann Archibald), in 1864. Ann was the widow of Harvey Doherty and had had a daughter (Annie) while still living in Scotland. Andrew and Ann had a least six children. Of them, Montgomery (who married Rachel Nichol) seems to have stayed in the region and moved to the area of nearby Seaforth in Huron County.
Mary Patrick (b. 1842, the second child of Andrew Patrick and Elizabeth Watson) and John Graham went on to form most of the current Graham line.
John Patrick (b.1844) married Sarah McTaggart and moved to Emmet/Kalkaska Cos. in Northern Michigan. Their descendants populate most of the upper areas of the Apple Blossom State.
Peter Reid Patrick (the fifth child of Andrew and Elizabeth) moved to nearby Mitchell, Ont., and set up a carpentery and teamster business. He married Sarah Collison in 1874, but she died of Typhoid soon after. He remarried (Amelia Ann Babb, m.1876) and had three or four children in Mitchell. Many of their descendants moved from Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta.
There are a couple more children, most of whom moved to Michigan.

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and most of the GRAHAM surnames
Places related to this line include: Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hibbert, Fullarton and Downie Twps., Perth Co., Ontario
Tuckersmith Township, Huron Co., Ontario
Blandford Township, Oxford Co., Ontario
Antrim, Kalkaska and Lapeer Counties., Michigan, USA

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