THE BAR / CLUB - 酒吧/夜總會

I would like a .... please. - 我會請喜歡 。。。。

   a half-pint [UK] -瑣事

   a pint [UK] - 大的啤酒

   a beer -啤酒

   a light beer -

   a heavy beer [UK] -

   a shandy [UK] -啤酒与檸檬水的混合飲料

   a glass of red wine - 一杯紅色的酒

   a glass of white wine - 一杯白葡萄酒

   a gin and tonic - 杜松子酒補劑

   a vodka - 伏特加酒

   a vodka and coke / orange -伏特加酒和可樂/伏特加酒和橙

   a whisky; a scotch [US] -威士忌酒

   a rum - 甜酒

   a cider -苹果酒

   a coke -可樂

   a lemonade -檸檬水

   an orange juice -橙子汁

   an apple juice -苹果汁

   a mineral water -礦泉水

   a coffee -咖啡

   white coffee -加牛奶的咖啡

   a tea -

   hot / cold milk -熱的奶/冷的奶

   a hot chocolate - 熱的巧克力

with / without -帶。。。的/不帶。。。的

   sugar -

   milk -

   ice -

   water -

   soda  -蘇打水

   tonic -補藥水

   blackcurrant -

   lemon juice -檸檬果汁

How much is that? -它花費多少?

Is this seat free? -這個座位是自由的嗎?

   Yes (it's free). -是的(它是自由的)

   No (it's taken). -沒有(它不是自由的)

Where are the toilets? -廁所哪里的?

   at the back -以背部

   on the right -在權利上

   on the left -在左邊

   downstairs -樓下

   upstairs -樓下

Do you sell anything to eat? -你賣掉任何東西吃嗎?

something hot / cold -熱的某物 /冷的某物

Have you got a menu? -你得到了菜單嗎?

Do you sell....? -你賣掉。。。嗎?

   matches -比賽

   cigarettes -香煙

   poppers -

   condoms; rubbers [US] -避孕套

   lubricant -

What time does this place close / open? - 何時這個地方收盤?/ 當這個地方開始運轉的時候?

at......o'clock -

   one -1

   two -2 點

   three 3點

   four 4點

   five 5點

   six 6點

   seven 7點

   eight 8點

   nine 9點

   ten 10點

   eleven 11點

   twelve 12點

   half past one -30 過去的一個


Hi! -你好!

Hello! -

Good evening -晴朗的傍晚

How are you? -您好嗎?

   good -

   O.K. -很好

Do you speak......? -你說. 嗎?

   English -英語

   French -法語

   German -德語

   Italian -意大利語

   Spanish -西班牙語

   Dutch -荷蘭語

   Portuguese -葡萄牙語

   Russian -俄語

   Japanese -日語

   Greek -希腊語

   Thai -泰國語

   Arabic -阿拉伯語

   Chinese -漢語

Yes (I speak ...). -是的(我說)

   a bit -略微

No (I don't speak...). -沒有(我不說  ...。)

I'm sorry, I don't speak ..... -我是抱歉的,我不說  .....

I don't understand. -我不懂得

Can you repeat that (please)? - (formal/informal) 你重复那請?

Can you speak more slowly please? -  (formal/informal) 你能夠緩慢地請說更多嗎?

Have you got a light? -你得到了火嗎?

Have you got the time? -几點了?

Thank you! -謝謝!

Are you on your own? -你是單獨的嗎?

I'm with my boyfriend. -我在這儿跟我的男朋友一起

I'm with my friend / friends. -我在這儿跟我的朋友一起

What's your name? -你的名字是什?

My name is..... -我的名字是..

Where do you come from? -你哪里來自?

I come from... -我來自 ... ..

   England -英格蘭

   Scotland -蘇格蘭

   Wales -威爾士

   Britain -不列顛

   Ireland -愛爾蘭

   France -法國

   Germany -德國

   Spain -西班牙

   Portugal -葡萄牙

   Italy -意大利

   Switzerland -瑞士

   Belgium -比利時

   Austria -奧地利

   Holland -荷蘭

   Greece -希腊

   the United States -美國

   Canada -加拿大

   Russia -俄羅斯

   Japan -日本

   Thailand -泰國

   China -中國

   Hong Kong -香港

   Taiwan -台灣

   Singapore -新加坡

   Malaysia -馬來群島

   Macau -澳門

   Korea -朝鮮

   Australia -澳大利亞

   New Zealand -新西蘭

Do you come here often? -你在這儿經常來嗎?

Would you like ........? -你會喜歡 ... .. 嗎?

   a drink - 飲料

   a cigarette - 香煙

(No thank you) I don't smoke. - (沒有感謝)我不抽煙。

Are you on holiday [UK] / vacation [US]? - 在休假是你?

   Yes (I'm on holiday [UK] / vacation [US]). - 是的(我在休假是)。

   (no) I work here. - 沒有(我工作在這儿)。

   I study here. - 我在這儿學習。

Where do you live? - 你哪里居住?

Where are you staying? - 你哪里的停留?

I live... - 我住在..

I'm staying... - 我在.....里在停留。

   with friends -

   in a hotel - 旅館

   in a flat [UK] / apartment [US] - 公寓

   in a house - 房子

Would you like to go .....? - 你會喜歡去到.....嗎?

   to a cafe - 咖啡屋

   to a restaurant - 飯館

   to another bar - 另一間酒吧

   to a disco - 迪斯科舞

   to a sauna - 一桑拿浴

   to the beach - 海灘

   to the pool - 游泳池

   Would you like to go for a walk? - 你會喜歡散步嗎?

Would you like to ........ with me? - 你會喜歡跟我一起.....嗎?

   dance - 跳舞

   have a drink - 喝酒

   have something to eat - 吃某物

Can I buy you a drink? - 我能夠為你買到飲料嗎?

What would you like (to drink)? - 你會喜歡喝?

It's .... here tonight, (isn't it?) - .....在這儿今晚(不是它)?

   packed - 擠滿

   busy -

   dead -

   boring - 討厭

I like your ..... - 我喜歡你的.....

   jacket -上衣

   shirt - 襯衣

   clothes -衣服

   haircut -理發

Where did you get it / them from? -你哪里得到它從? / 你哪里得到他們從?

Where did you get your hair done? -你哪里得到你的理發?

You look very smart / nice tonight! -你看很聰明的今夜!/你看很好的今夜!

How old are you? -老的?/ 你多?

I'm........(years old). -我是 .....(歲)。

nice eyes! -好的眼睛!

nice legs! -好的腿!

nice bum! -好的屁股!

He's not bad! -他不是坏的!

What a nice smile you have! -你有好的微笑!

He is... -他是 ... ..

You're...... -你是 ... ...

   good looking -

   beautiful -美麗的

   handsome -漂亮的

   hunky -情況良好的

   a hunk -

   gorgeous -華麗的

   sweet -甜的

   cute -聰明伶俐的

   sexy -性 感的

   attractive -有吸引力的

You really turn me on. -

You really make me hot. -

I'm crazy about you. -我關于你是瘋狂的。

You're not my type. -你不是我的類型。

 I'm not interested. -我不被感興趣。

Get lost! -走開!/ 迷路!

Piss off! -使惱怒!

What type of guys do you like? -种類的伙計?

What are you into? -

I'm into....... - 我喜歡......

I'm not into.....; I don't like..... -我不喜歡......。 。

   older men - 更老伙計

   younger men - 更年輕的伙計

   blonde guys - 金發的伙p

   guys with brown hair - 棕色毛發的伙計

   guys with dark hair - 黑有毛發的伙計

   red heads - 紅色毛發的伙計

   guys with short hair - 矮有毛發的伙計

   guys with long hair - 高有毛發的伙計

   hunky guys; well-built guys - 体格很好的伙計

   thin guys - 瘦的伙計

   chubby guys - 胖乎乎的伙計

   tall guys  - 高的伙計

   short guys  - 矮的伙計

   guys with dark eyes - 黑看的伙計

   guys with blue eyes - 藍眼睛的伙計

   denim - 丁尼粗斜紋棉布

   leather - 皮革

   rubber - 橡膠

   dildos - 假陰莖

   water sports - 小便性

   fisting - 抓住見鬼

   threesomes - 三角家庭

   cross-dressing - 十字形調料

   piercing - 刺穿

   tattoos - 紋身

   boots - 長統靴

   uniforms - 制服

   brown; scat - 敲打聲

   bondage - 奴役

Is there somewhere quieter / more private we can go? -

Do you want to come to my place? - 你想來到我的地方嗎?

Yes. - 是的

I'm sorry, I can't. - 我是抱歉的,我能夠不。

Can we meet again? - 我們能夠再度會見嗎?

When? - 何時?

Would you like to meet me.....? -你會喜歡......會見我嗎?

   this evening -今天晚上

   tomorrow -明天

   tomorrow morning  -明天早上

   tomorrow afternoon  -明天下午

   tomorrow night -明天晚上

   on Monday -星期一

   on Tuesday -星期二

   on Wednesday -星期三

   on Thursday -星期四

   on Friday -星期五

   on Saturday -星期六

   on Sunday -星期天

At what time? -對何時?

At ... o'clock - ......點。

Where? -哪里?

   here -在這儿

   at my hotel  -在我的旅館

   at my flat [UK]; apartment [US]  -在我的公寓

   at my house -在我的房子

   at my friend's place  -在我的朋友的地方

   at your place -在你的地方

Can I have your phone number? -我能夠有你的電話號碼嗎?

Can I have your address? -我能夠有你的地址嗎?

Bye! -

Goodbye. -再見!

See you again! -再度看見你!

AT HIS PLACE / YOUR PLACE -在他的地方 / 在你的地方

Would you like some...? -你會喜歡......嗎?

   coffee -咖啡

   tea  -

   wine -

   orange juice -橙子汁

Would you like something to eat? -你會希望某物吃東西嗎?

Are you hungry / thirsty? -你是飢餓的嗎?/你是熱望的嗎?

Are you cold / too hot? -你冷嗎?/你是太熱的嗎?

Do you want to watch T.V. / a video? -你想看電視嗎?/你想看錄象嗎?

Would you like to listen to some music? -你想听音樂嗎?

What kind of music do you like? -你喜歡哪种音樂?

   classical -古典的音樂

   opera -歌劇

   jazz -喧鬧

   rock -岩石音樂

   pop -流行的音樂

   folk -民間的音樂

   traditional -傳統的音樂

Can I kiss you? -我可以親吻你嗎?

Would you like...? -你會喜歡......嗎?

   a massage -按摩

   a blow job -口交

What do you like doing? -你喜歡做?

I like...... -我喜歡 ... ..

I don't like..... -我不喜歡 ... ..

Do you like......? -你喜歡......嗎?

   kissing  -親吻

   cuddling -擁抱

   fucking -性交

   being fucked -被与性交

   sucking -

   being sucked -被吸

   wanking; jerking off [US] -自瀆;;手淫;鄉巴佬

   mutual masturbation -相互的手淫

   licking -

   stroking -撫愛

   rubbing -摩擦

   spanking -打的屁股

   being spanked -被打的屁股

   cross-dressing -十字形調料

   shaving -

   fisting -抓住見鬼

   rimming -舔屁股

Are you..? / I am ..... 你是......的嗎?我是......

   experienced -被經歷

   inexperienced -無經驗

I like to be... -我喜歡是......

   active -活躍

   passive -被動

Shall we go to the bedroom / bathroom? -我們將去到臥室嗎?/ /我們將去到浴室嗎?

Have you got any........? -你有......嗎?

   condoms; rubbers [US] -避孕套

   toys -性 玩具

   lubricant -

   poppers -

Are you into safer sex? -

I'm only into safer sex. -

I'm HIV positive. -我是艾滋病病毒正量

Are you HIV positive? -你是艾滋病病毒正量嗎?

Would you like a shower (with me)? -你想要陣雨(以我)?

Take off your......! -脫下你的 ... ...

Can I take off your......? -我能夠脫下你的......嗎?

   clothes -衣服

   shirt -襯衣

   trousers; pants [US] -褲子

   socks -襪子

   briefs; underpants; shorts [US] -內衣褲

Lie down! -躺下!

Bend over! -過來彎曲!

Sit down! -坐下!

You're really nice! -你很好!

I like..... -我喜歡 ...

Can I kiss your...? -我能夠親吻你的......嗎?

Can I suck your...? -我能夠吸你的......嗎?

Can I touch your...? -我能夠按你的......嗎?

Can I  feel your......? -我能夠摸你的......嗎?

   cock -

   balls -睾丸

   bum -屁股

   body -身 ^

   figure -

   nipples -乳頭

   (hairy) chest -(似毛)胸膛

   legs -

   toe -腳趾

That feels good! -

That's great! -

That's wonderful! -

That's really good! -

Do that again! -

My god, that's wonderful! -

Yes...yes... -

Come on! -

Fuck me! -性交我!

Suck me! -吸我!

Wank me! -手淫我!

Spank me! -打我的屁股!

Harder, harder! -

Slower, slower! -

I'm coming...! -

Come all over me! -

I don't like that! -我不喜歡!

Stop! -停下來!

That hurts! -那痛!

Not so fast / hard! -

Don't come in my mouth / arse! -

That was wonderful. -

Would you like to clean yourself up? -

Have you got any tissues / a towel? -你得到了薄紗嗎?/你得到了毛巾嗎?

Here you are! -

May I use your shower? -我可以使用你的陣雨嗎?

Shall we have a shower together? -

Can I have a towel (please)? -我能夠有毛巾(請)?

Good night! -晚安!

Sleep well! -挺好地睡覺!

I love you -我愛你

Did you sleep well? -你挺好地睡覺嗎?

I'll have to ask you to leave now. -

Can you go now please? -你能夠現在請去嗎?

I have to go now. -我必須現在去

Would you like some breakfast? -

Can I write to you? -我能夠向你寫嗎?

It's been nice knowing you! -

Would you like to see me again? -

Can I see you again? -我能夠再度看見你嗎?

Goodbye! -再見!

See you again! -

Take care ! -


Hello! -

Can I speak with.....(please)? -我能夠對...... 說(請)?

Hang on.... -堅持!

.......speaking! -講話的......

It's me! -是我!

It's ...... -......

I'm phoning you as we arranged. -我在打電話傳送你如我們安排

Can we meet .....? -能夠我們......會見?

   this evening -今天晚上

   at... o'clock -

where? -哪里?

at.... - ......

Can you spell it? -  (formal/informal) 你能夠拼寫它嗎?

O.K. thank you! -很好,感謝!

See you later! -一會儿見.

He is not here ! -他不在這儿!

Can you phone again..... -能夠你電話再度....

   later -過后

   this afternoon  -今天下午

I don't understand -我不懂得

Do you speak.....? -  (formal/informal) 你說......嗎?

Please speak slowly. -  (formal/informal) 請緩慢地講話



I need to see a doctor. -我需要看見醫生

doctor -醫生

surgery [UK]; doctor's office [US] -  

chemist [UK]; pharmacy -藥房

I have...... -我有 ... ...

I have caught....... -

I think I have..... -我認為我有 ... ...

Do you have something for.....? -做你某物用于 ... ...

   gonorrhea -淋病

   syphilis -梅毒

   crabs -

   lice -寄生虫

   herpes -

   scabies -疥瘡

   thrush -

I hurt here -我在這儿痛

I'm bleeding -我在流血

I'm itching -我在渴望

my throat / penis / anus hurts. -我的咽喉痛 / 我的陰莖痛 / 我的肛門痛


Can you help me? -  (formal/informal) 你能夠幫助我嗎?

How much is this / that? -多少花費這?/多少花費那?

Have you got a map of......? -你有......的地圖嗎?

the city -城市

Can I have the number for Gay Switchboard? -

Can I have the number of the AIDS helpline? -

Can you give me the name of a doctor who is experienced in AIDS / HIV related problems? -

Can you give me the name of a clinic which is experienced in AIDS / HIV related problems? -

Can you give me the name of a gay friendly doctor? -

Excuse me! -請原諒

Where is / are......? -

   the sauna -桑拿浴哪里的?

   the cruising areas -

   the gay bars -同性戀者哪里的禁止?

   the cottages [UK]; tea rooms [US] -

   the gay bookshop -同性戀者書店哪里的?

   the gay magazines -同性戀者雜志哪里的?

   the gay hotels -同性戀者旅館哪里的?


I am.... -我是 ......

I am looking for a.........guy. -我在尋找...... 伙計

   active -活躍的

   affectionate -摯愛的

   athletic -行動敏捷的

   attractive -有吸引力的

   bisexual -兩性的

   boyish -孩子气的

   caring -在意 (我在意 - I am caring)

   Christian -克里斯汀

   chubby -胖乎乎的

   clean -干淨的

   clean-shaven -胡子刮光的

   conservative -保守的

   considerate -考慮周到的

   cuddly -逗人怜愛的

   cute -聰明伶俐的

   discreet -小心的

   dominant -占优勢的

   easy-going -隨和的

   educated -我在尋找受過教育的伙計。    我被教育

   experienced -我在尋找老練的伙計。    我被經歷

   friendly -友好的

   gentle -好心的

   good-looking -好看的

   hairy -似毛的

   handsome -漂亮的

   honest -誠實的

   horny -角狀的

   I have a good sense of humour -我有一幽默的判斷力強。

   (with) a good sense of humour -我在尋找帶一幽默的判斷力強的伙計。

   independent -非依靠別人的人

   inexperienced -無經驗的

   intelligent -聰明的

   interesting -我在尋找有趣的伙計。我使其感興趣的

   introverted -我在尋找個性內向者 的伙計。    我是個性內向者

   lonely -孤獨的

   loyal -忠實的

   married -我在尋找已婚的伙計。    我已婚

   masculine -男性的

   mature -成熟的

   of medium build -我尋找媒介-建造伙計。    我是中的-建造

   middle aged -中年的

   military -

   muscular -肌肉的

   a nature lover -一自然情人

   non-scene -非場景

   a non-smoker -不抽煙的人

   older -我在尋找更老伙計。    我是更老的

   open - 

   open minded -虛心的

   outgoing -我在尋找即將离職的伙計。我优于的

   passionate -充滿熱情的

   passive -被動的

   quiet -安靜的

   radical -基本的

   refined -我在尋找被精煉的伙計。    我是精煉

   reliable -可靠的

   reserved -內向的

   romantic -浪漫的

   of the same age -同樣的年齡

   sensitive -敏感的

   serious -嚴肅的

   shy -害羞的

   sincere -真摯的

   slim -苗條的

   a smoker -煙民

   smooth -均勻的

   special -特別的

   spontaneous -自發的

   sporty -

   straight acting -徑直扮演的

   straight forward -直接了當的

   a student -學生

   submissive -順從的

   tall -高的

   transsexual -异性癖者

   a university graduate -一大學畢業生

   versatile -多才多藝的

   a virgin -處女

   warm -熱情的

   well endowed; well-hung -我在尋找好地懸挂的伙計。    我被好地懸挂

   well-built -体格很好的

   young -年輕的

   younger -更年輕的

   youthful -年輕的

No effeminates. -沒有女人气

No fats. -沒有肥胖的人

.....welcome -......歡迎

for friendship -對友誼來說

for a relationship -對關系來說

for sex -對性來說

......only -......僅僅

I have...... -我有......

   blue eyes -藍色的眼睛

   brown eyes -褐色的眼睛

   green eyes -綠色的眼睛

   grey eyes -灰的眼睛

   blonde hair -金發的頭發

   brown hair -褐色的頭發

   black hair -黑色的頭發

   red hair -紅色的頭發

   grey hair -灰的頭發

   dark hair -黑的頭發

   short hair -短的頭發

   long hair -長頭發

I have a beard. -我有胡子

I have a moustache. -我有一小胡子

I'm bald. -我是光禿的


My God! -我的上帝!

Fantastic! -幻想!

I'm sorry. -我是抱歉的

Excuse me! -請原諒!

Get fucked! -被与性交!

Fuck off! -滾開!

Shit! -取笑!

Darling! -心愛的人!

My dear -我的親愛!

Honey -蜜糖!

Oh dear! -啊親愛!

How wonderful -好极了!

How awful! -怎樣可怕!

He's a friend of Dorothy. -

As camp as knickers. -

Wow! -


Yes. -是的

No. -沒有

I am .... -我是 ......

he is ... -他是 ......

you are.... -  (formal/informal) 你是 ... ...

my friend is... -我的朋友是 ... ...

my friends are... -我的朋友是 ... ...

my boyfriend is... -我的男朋友是 ... ...

adult -成人

AIDS -愛滋病

bent [UK]; homo [US] -

bisexual -兩性的

a bitch -母狗

to bitch -

bitchy -惡毒的

body-building -身体建筑物

butch -大男子气的

camp -女人气的

to chat someone up -

to be 'in the closet' -

come; spunk -精子

to come -

to 'come out' -

a cow -

to cruise -

drag -

drag shows -

a dyke [UK]; a lesbo [US] -

a butch dyke -

erect  -筆直的

an erection; a hard-on -

a fag hag -

female -女的

french-kissing -

a fuck -一性交

gay -同性戀者

the gay scene -同性戀者場景

a girl -女孩子

a guy -伙計

the leather scene -皮革場景

a lesbian -同性戀的女性

male -雄性的

men only -雄性僅僅

the nightclub -夜總會

the nudist beach -裸体主義的海灘

to pick someone up -

to be pissed off with someone -被跟有人一起惱怒

a poof; a faggot [US] -柴把

a queen -

queer -

queer- bashing -猛擊同性戀者

a rent-boy -催促者

SM (sado-masochism) -理學碩士

skinheads -光頭

a slut -蕩婦;娼妓

straight -

a tart -

a transvestite -作异性打扮者

a wank; a jerk-off [US] -鄉巴佬;討厭卑鄙的人

women only -女人僅僅

one -

two -

three -

four -

five -

six -

seven -

eight -

nine -

ten -

eleven -十一

twelve - 十二

thirteen - 十三

fourteen - 十四

fifteen - 十五

sixteen - 十六

seventeen - 十七

eighteen - 十九

nineteen - 十九

twenty - 二十

twenty one - 二十一

twenty two - 二十二

thirty - 三十

forty - 四十

fifty - 五十

sixty - 六十

seventy - 七十

eighty - 八十

ninety - 九十

one hundred -

one thousand -













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