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This book contains some naughty words and references to S-E-X.
Viewer discretion is advised.

“I can tell you’re hurting—I see it in your face,” my friend Lori said as she listened to me attempt to relate some of my experiences on the Yahoo headline boards. Lori was unfamiliar with these message board forums, but she knew from our conversations over the past year or so that I had posted and become acquainted with a number of people through them. She knew about my Cindybin ID, she heard some of the funny stories, as well as some of the bad things that happened. Months ago, I even admitted to her how one woman made me so mad that “I used the b-word.” Lori had laughed, knowing I never use any bad language in real life. And then as time went on, I told her how things had become worse, how I had started to “lose it” and used even more curse words. I finally told her about how I left the boards completely in February 2006, after a huge spat with a woman I had considered to be a friend.

“If any of my real life friends saw some of the things I wrote on those boards, they would think I was a maniac,” I told Lori.

“No they wouldn’t,” she replied. “They know you. They’d understand.”

I wasn’t so sure. In any case, I felt I needed to write down my side of the story, my Yahoo memoirs, so to speak. I told Lori that I wanted to put my thoughts in order after all that had happened, because I was so upset I had a hard time concentrating on much of anything. She thought that might be good for me to do.

And so, whether anybody reads it or not, here it is, the story from my viewpoint that needs to be told about the events that transpired since I arrived at Yahoo in 2004 and what led up to me leaving it in tears nearly two years later.

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