This is where I will post up previous e-mails that I have recieved along with the answer if applicable. Of course, not EVERY e-mail that I have recieved will be on here, just the important ones. Listed in chronological order.

Gauss' Four Main Inventions- What they are and details. On 01-11-00.

Basic biography and summation question- On 10-13-98.

Gauss' Contribution to the World- On 10-16-98.

My opinion on Gauss' greatest contribution to Mathematics- Euclidean Geometry, and a good discription and explaination on it. On 10-18-98.

Gaussian form of least Squares?- On 11-10-98.

Gravitational Force- An explanation and how it can be used in everyday life. On 11-24-98.

Karl Friedrich Gauss- "K" opposed to the "C." On 12-15-98.

Summation Formula- The formula Gauss used to find the sum of the numbers between 1-100, inclusive. On 01-08-99

A much more thorough explanaiton of the summation formula.
Disquisitiones Arithmeticae- Information on reactions to Gauss' most famed book. On 01-09-99

Forward Interpolation Formula- An example of how to request for some information. On 01-27-99

Gauss' Studies- An excellent question gets an excellent answer!

Did Gauss enjoy card games?- The SECOND stupidest question I have ever recieved (meaning there is only one dumber than this one)! But just goes to show you our brand of humor at the laboratory! (My assistant drew up the question.) On 08-12-99.

Gauss' Law- A more detailed and comprehensive explaination along with an example! On 08-15-99.

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