Welcome to the gallery, this is where the pictures of Gauss (and perhaps his family and collegues) will be displayed. Just simply click on the discription to view the picture.

The most famous picture of Gauss- This is the same picture that I use in the beginning of the page. (24411 bytes)

10 Marks- Yup, Gauss is portrayed on German currency, this one is worth 10 marks, which is approximately 6 US dollars. (19.1 KB)

The birthplace of Gauss - in Brunswick (picture taken 1884), which was destroyed in World War II. (41 KB)

Coat of Arms- The Gauss Coat of Arms. (32 KB)

Silhouette- Silhouette of Gauss in his youth. (23 KB)

Bust of Gauss- Probably by Friedrich K�nkler in 1810. (23 KB)

Collegium- The Collegium Carolium in Brunswick. (37 KB)

Portrait- The Schwartz portrait of Gauss in 1803. (28 KB)

Minna Waldeck- The second wife of Gauss. (20 KB)

Portrait- Portrait of Gauss by S. Bendixen in 1828. (37 KB)

Gauss- Gauss at about 1850(28 KB)

Gauss- Gauss at 1854 (26 KB)

Sketch- A sketch of Gauss by his pupil J. B. Listing. (39 KB)

Biermiller's copy (1887) of the Jensen portrait of Gauss (17 KB)

Ritm�ller's portrait- Ritm�ller's portrait of Gauss on the terrace of his observatory (32 KB)

Observatory- The observatory of the University of G�ttingen. (41 KB)

Courtyard- The courtyard of the G�ttingen observatory as it appeared in Gauss' time. (41 KB)

Laboratory- Gauss' personal laboratory in the G�ttingen observatory as he left it. (42 KB)

Telegraph- The Gauss-Weber telegraph (Easter, 1833) (39 KB)

Redsold meridian circle- Gauss' principal instrument, the Repsold meridian circle. (32 KB)

Gauss and Weber- Portraits of both Gauss and Weber (19 KB)

Bolyai- Potrait of Wolfgang Bolyai by J�nos Strab� (24 KB)

Pfaff- Johann Friedrich Pfaff (16 KB)

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