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NOTE: Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will not be posted due to irrelevancy or are currently being done. Or perhaps just plain dumb.

1. Here is the proper MLA citation for this page, please note, you will have to add in a date, don't just blindly copy and paste. If you don't quite understand, look for examples in my works cited list.

Cung, Nelly. "Carl Friedrich Gauss." (*read below); n. pag. Online: Internet. (Today's date, (DD-Month-199?)) (

* Enclosed in parenthesis, add in the date that this page was last updated, which can be found here.

2. I'm doing a report on Gauss, can you e-mail me some information?
Absolutely not! All of the information that I have on Gauss is posted on this page! If you have any specific questions, such as definitions of words, or a clearer explanaiton of a formula, than I will try my best. But not something that is easily found on the page (such as his birthdate).

3. I would like too see some more pictures of Gauss.
I don't know if my school has a scanner, and i do not know anyone nearby that has one. I have found some nice pictures though, so once I finish constructing the Miscellaneous information about Gauss, I will try for a Gallery.

4. This is for those stupid questions regarding Gauss' "sexy" looks.
Well, first of all, there were no such things 8-tracks during his time period let alone video tapes. Second, I you can keep on harrassing me with such insanity, I find them quite funny and amusing.

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