This site has been very slow over the summer the summer, which is usually expected. Now that the school year has begun, I'm expecting more hits, which also means more e-mails. I've been getting tons of stupid e-mails lately, more stupid than usual. Why is that? Are people becoming lazier these days? My site hasn't gotten any worse, if anything, it's gotten better. Ha, whatever. I still reply ot them as I normally do.


It seems as though no one else wants to help me in my translation quest. Oh well, I guess it'll just be other people's loss. There have been several requests for this apge in other languages, but I don't have the ability to do that!
In anycase, I finished updating my guestbook and stuff. I guess having two links for viewing guestbooks were really annoying.


The only notable news is that this page mightbe translated into Portuguese soon. A volunteer has e-mail me and has expressed interest in taking on this project. I sure hope it all goes well, as I am excited about this project. If ANYONE is willing to translate this page, please just e-mail me, and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks!


Thanks to Jeni Rae Duschak for her contribution on a quote, I was finally able to update this page meaningful enough to actually write an "updates" journal. I figured that while I was here, I also organized my guestbook some more. And hey, since when did my guest counter surpass the big 100,000? I expected very few visitors over the summer. Afterall, who really does research when there's no school?
I also fixed up some typos in the biography in which someone e-mailed me about months ago. I'm glad to finally get that out of the way.
What's disappointing is that no one seems to care of my MIDI contest. So far, I have recieved 3 entries, and only one was right so far. What is wrong with you people?! They were chosen because I thought they were CAKE!
Well, other than that, not much to report. I should have a new "About me!" tomorrow, but I doubt that anyone cares... :o(


There have been requests for statistics on my page, so I subscribed to a new service on my page. It is Nedstat, and I think it is more than I was looking for. I hope these will answer the questions regarding my web page traffic.


Alrighty, I added yet another commentary. Great news! I have recieved an e-mail from a professor of physics from a university in Brazil! If this collaboration works out, we will have this page translated in Portuguese! And since he knows this technical stuff in his native language, the translations should be very accurate. Since this year is just starting, I hope be able to finish this by the end of the year!


Okay, I finally did something, I got something useful onto the commentary section. Actually, I know a few more things that are useful as well, but it's so much trouble doing so since I switched over to web based e-mail. I travel around so much that it is more practical, and I don't care to download any of them either. I really wish I had my ethernet back.


That date has too many 1's and 0's in it...
Anyways, I want to apologize for the lack of updates on this page. Out of all honestly, I still have ideas and contnets to add onto the page, however do not have the time to do so. I try to do as much of my stuff offline as possible. But at college, I don't have digital connection, and the analog connection is down-right terrible. Additionally, this winter break, I have been working, and when at home, the last thing I want to do is more work. I'm even behind on archiving my ever-growing guestbook. I'll try to do something later today... but no real guarantees.


It's been over 3 months since I have made any useful change or addition on this page... other than the other languages, I'd say that this web page has reached its retentive stages. Sure, I have some commentaries I can add, but that is about it. There are certainly more formulae to add, but many of them are way above my capabilities to understand, and may resort to using external sources. However, most people don't need to know these things, and it still seems like the thing people want to know about Gauss the most is his summation formula as a child.


Okay, every now and then I go online and check up on other Gauss pages to see how "competition" is doing. And sometimes I find something good in which I ask for permission and use it on my page to (e.g. instructions on constructing the 17-gon). But there is this one page that I came across which absolutely demoralized me. It's at this address: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Campus/7857/gauss/carlfriedrichgauss.htm. True, this page isn't copyrighted or anything, but still.... If he wanted to translate it into another language, he could've just simply contacted me and I would have easily made him an associate of this page.
Also, I've been doing very well keeping up with the e-mails that I have been getting (and they sure are plenty), but PLEASE, check the Commentary section. Many answers to the questions that are being asked are in there.
Apologies for not advancing the translations. I'm currently working on a web page project for a school project, and that will take up the majority of my web page time for at least the next two months.


A new school year and a new school. So what does this mean for my Gauss web site? Simply that I have more resources to work on! I plan to tear apart the libraries here and get any Gauss info I can get my hands on! But, in the meantime, I'll also try to get a much better translator, since there have been many complaints regarding the german section. I won't shut it down, just yet anyways.


Along with school, during this summer I have taken a break from this web site as well (at least the Gauss section). To get back into the swing of things, I have added in two commentaries. Although I have recieved e-mail over the summer, none were too interesting to put on. Also, please DO NOT sign the guestbook with a question! I rarely check it!


Now that the week of preparing, taking, and stressing over the finals are over with, I can finally go back to working on this page... like real stuff.. not just the "About me."
What I did today was roughly 3 hours of work... the entire Formulae page translated into German! Such a hard task, I don't think I will be translating the commentary section though.


Added on the Quotes, and two sections in the appendix (courses and awards). This page is progressive very well, and only have Formulae and Commentary left to go. Those should take a while to do, I am leaving the Formulae last since I expect it to be the hardest.


Going through MAJOR additions, however, unlike many sites, I don't just shut down my site temporarily... Although I did have plans and additions for the page, I have decided to postpone it, because that would be easier to do over the summer, than the translations.


Okay okay, so this page wasn't frozen for long... all I did was add a commentary... I have a lot of plans for this page, and will get to work on it over the summer. Perhaps even just dedicate one weekend on this page, which should get a lot of work done. This page is not even a year old, and yet it has grown tremendously, and am very proud of it. I have gotten several e-mails asking me to have this put into a foreign language, and I plan to do that as well over the summer.


UGH.... I didn't do this much this time around. All I did was get rid of the "Oscar Voting" because the site has been down for quite some time, and doesn't seem like it will open anytime soon. Not to mention this saves loading time even more.
I apologize for not mnking any real updates as of late. I've been very busy and will continue to be busy, which is why I have decided to freeze thsi site for at least one week. This might not seem like much since there are consecutive weeks that I don't update, but this makes it more official. It may even last until May, I cannot project that far and won't hold myself to any obligations.


Spring Break is over, and I must say that I have never recieved as many Gauss e-mails in a one-week time span. Figures, the time when I don't have access to all of my information and sources, I get all the tough questions.
Well, during this update, I changed the link in the Biographies of the "Timeline" of Gauss to be bigger and on top, since there was a request. I also added in a new commentary. I have also revamped the order of Links on the main Gauss page, in an order of heiarchy of importance. I will mirror that on the text navigational bar whenever I finish the Site Map.


Nothing much..... I just added a link to the "About me!" page. Sorry, I have been swamped with work lately, and I have managed to find some free time, but doing stuff on math isn't as recreational as I would like it to be.


Happy New Month everyone!
And to kick off this month, I finally added in the Interpolation formulae with explanations! No complaints on this one.... once you see the page, you'll understand why it took so long to get it done. Hope it's well worth it though, in either case, I know at least I shut at least ONE PERSON up. The name will be remain confidential.
I'm also considering putting up a site map... and have already found the HTML required. This of course, is also going to take a while, however, is not a top priority for me. I want to dedicate the this month to mostly to the formulae section.


I sure am slacking on this page.... but really, I don't feel any guilt, because I am sure that there's enough info on this page that satisfies people for the most part. And the e-mails that I have been recieving have dropped dramatically. Which is always a good sign for the comprehensiveness of this page.
What I have done today is mostly nothing. Just a little known fact on the heptadecagon, which is in the heptadecagon page. I have also added in 3 more things in the Works Cited section, for it is overdue. I am considering on making a Links page. So far, I have found only 2 pages that I can even consider putting on the page. But, it's something.


Woah...... it sure has been a while since I updated this page! But, I did much to this today. I finally put up the long awaited for *trumpets flare* "Construction of the Heptadecagon!" YAY! Now, you guys can find it here, and I don't have to keep on copy and pasting this darn thing to all the time, so I should be getting less e-mail now. BUT, my guestbook signings aren't getting anywhere, still the same.... C'MON!!! I wanna get 200 before the end of Feb.!
I also fixed up many of the broken links in the formulae section, and the one in the Biography section as well. Also fixed up the "Complex Numbers" section for you Netscape users.


Alrighty! I finished up the all the new commentaries that I have been meaning to post up. Now, that should reduce my e-mails a bit. I've also added some more awards. I'll try to get some of the page editing done soon. MAN..... just download MSIE 5.00.0910.1309 (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0). I know it's still in the beta (testing) stage, but I find it the best browser I have ever used!


Happy New Years to all of you! This is my first update this year, and I have a lot more to add. I've realized over the break that this page didn't look like the way that I intend it to appear. So, I'll be editing some of the pages soon. I have already done the gallery index. I have also fixed some of the commentary. Tomorrow, I hope to add commentaries and some awards!


Hey, more Gauss pictures are in the gallery! I don't suppose I can call them "eye candy," ne? Afterall, most of you guys that look them over need them for your reports, not for personal viewing pleasure..... :o)


Yes, more than just more awards this time! I actually did something usefull. I've gotten some e-mails requesting a easier or simpler version of the biography. So, now in the appendix, there is a chronolgy of Gauss' life. That should prove to be helpful. I'll try to get some more things in the gallery before the end of this year.


Hehe..... just more awards..... I gotta get some more Gauss stuff in, ne? Also added in this:
Please vote for us Now!
Click On The Graphic.

Another proud member of
The One-Stop Award Superstore


Nothing much, just added a whole mess of awards on my trophy cases! :o)


Well, I hope that my fellow Americans enjoyed their breaks.... but I'll still laugh at the fools that went out shopping on Black Friday. Yeah, you know you're one of them! *points finger at you and laughs* Sorry, my sad humor... *ahem!*
Anyways, a huge update in the gallery section, where I have just added 14 new pictures. If there's enough interest, I'll write a little commentary for all of them, but I don't really see a need for it.
And hey, people much be leeching off so much information off this page, and not signing the guestbook! HEY!!!! Well, I thought that the geoguide would help, but I guess not, so I'll add in a guestbook thing to the navigational bar. While I'm at it, I've also added a Commentary! Have a few things in it now, but have more to come!
I have also decided to change the e-mail format... just sick of getting the same questions over and over again... also the need for the commentary!


Well, I somehow doubt that I will be getting many hits over ThanksGiving break, but I somehow do anyways. Well, let's see, last week, from Monday through Thursday, in 4 days, I got 800 hits, but over Friday-Sunday, 3 days, I got about 50. So, I guess mine's just on school days! No real surprise though.
Anyway, I doubt that I will update over the break to enjoy my weekend, not to mention that I will not have the luxury of a fast connection! But it's all okay. What I have new for you today is a Javascript page for the Gauss-Jordan Elimination! Yeah, you got it... mind you, I didn't do it, but you can see it for yourself. Credit is given to Gonzalez in the works cited section and on top of each of the JavaScript page.
Oh yeah, I've decided that my guestbook is getting too big (*smile*), so I will be setting an "archives" section for it for every 100 signers... I currently have 99....


I didn't plan on updating so soon, but because of a request, I added on Gaussian Elimination and Gauss-Jordan Elimination which is on the Formulae page. I also fixed up an error on the FAQ.
Just one thing bothers me.... kinda. Let's see... I just checked, I am the 8871th hit on the page.... how did I get 880+ hits in just 4 days?


I might not have updated this page yesterday, but yesterday marked this page's 3rd month! Wow, I got my 8,000th hit! When I first made this page, I would be happy if I reached 1,000 by the end of 1998, so this has obviously exceeded my expectations! Let's go for 10,000 before New Year's! (Hmmm... that means that I get an average of 2667 hits/month!) Yeah, I'm so bored that I counted my guestbook entries, which was 74!
Anyway, I started on the gallery today, eventhough I know I should finish the appendix first, but the gallery is SO MUCH easier to do! Besides, some people have been beating me to get going on it! There's only two pictures in it now, but there will be many more soon!


I changed this page a little bit, just to make it look a little better. I also got rid of all of the navigational bars on the bottom of the individual formulae, just to make it easier for me to change it when I add on the gallery. Speaking about the gallery, I will be starting on that soon, probably tomorrow!
I know that I am really lagging on this page, I suppose that more than anything, it's the novelty of this page. I never enjoyed doing it from the beginning, but I knew that others would benefit from it.... but I'm gonna finish this before I begin on another project!
I also added in one new formula! Yeah, yeah, not much, but just deal with it...
I also fixed up the FAQ a bit and added the "Gallery" section to the navigation bars.


HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!! Hmm... I have a lot of ideas to do now, but I need the time to get around to actually doing it. However, I am glad that the information that is already on the page seem to be sufficient for most of the visitors. I am regualrly recieving e-mail, and still answering them to the best of my ability as I can.
What I have done for today is just do some spell check on the quotes section. Not much, but I know there are many misspellings. I have also seperated all of the formulas, I figure that it being all on one page was just way too long, so it will be changed, each will have its own seperate HTML file.


Hey, it sure has been a while since I have updated. Sorry midterms and such, but I'm sure that the information that was already available was to your liking? I have recieved more e-mail than usual regarding this page. I would like to ask if you that you are just thanking me for this page, please sign the guestbook. E-mails should be used for questions, corrections, and comments on this page. Thank you. For every one signing I get in the guestbook, I recieve about 4 e-mails.
I have added one new but nothing more than that. I've decided that the formula page was getting too lengthy, so it has another section now. True, the biography section is lengthy, but it didn't require as many images. I'll try to get some real work done to this page soon!


Hmmm... not much to update this time. All I did was add more sources onto the Works Cited List. I have found many more formulas that I will be adding soon. I just wanted to get this out of the way, because the works cited is the most annoying (albeit easiest) part to do. So, be sure to check out some new info soon! Sorry, it was midterm time in college!
Also, I estimate that this page will be done at the end of November. The Gauss page construction will soon come to a close, but I will keep it up and maintain it. Of course, everynow and then, I might just add something if it comes by my way, or if someone helps me by submitting more information. Just for notetaking purposes, in one month, I hope to have: completed the appendix, construct a gallery, and add in my own commentaries. I have already completed a bit of a dream through this, and I will continue to work on my web page, however, the next one will be more of a "fun" one. Hey, I need some time off too, you know! It won't be intended for research as this one was, but it will be as equally comprehensible!


Posted another section in the "Appendix section. It is Gauss' will with commentaries. Also, I have posted up yet another award! Yes! :o)


Fixed the "Appendix" link on the Gauss homepage. And with that, I also updated the Appendix page as well. My ideas for this Gauss page is almost done, so if anyone has any ideas to make this page even better, than please be sure to tell me. My further ideas are to add in even more formulas (he did MUCH more than I have posted, just most of them I have absolutely no idea, and have much trouble translating it, either from his various languages or just upscale english). I also want to add in a gallery or pictures. I also got the guestbook to work! Added in the e-mail blurbs I got, so some of them might not make sense, oh well.


I've always been using MSIE as my browser of choice. Today, I saw what my page looked like under Netscape Navigator. So, just for all of you guys, I went through entired pages to fix it up. I really hope you guys are happy, what a waste of time..... damn, I hate that white background, I like the nice light grey one....
The Main Gauss page was also getting to long, so I have the index on the right side of the Gauss portrait. that should make it much better.
I have also fixed the pictures of the Small Phi's that were all broken links. One last thing, I also added a new award! hehe.


Added in Gauss' definition of complex numbers. Also started a Appendix? Why not "Miscelleneous" like I planned before? Because too many pages have that title, and I also want this to be a more "educated" page. hehe. :o)
Of course, I will add in the geoguide to make it better, and also repaired the geoguide in the geobook (which all of you should sign...)
I have also added the case-supporting ribbons, I will have links to the AIDS and Free Speech ones soon, and try to find a better ribbon for the AIDS campaign. My support will be for Breast Cancer Research moreso due to personal experiences.
Also updated the Works Cited, Disclaimer, Navigational Bar, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I forgot... oh well, it's been a busy day! But I'm glad that everyone is appreciating my efforts and nice to know that my name is in some research papers in the world! Hey, if you get an "A" or something on your paper, feel free to send it to me! I'd be very happy to read it!


Not much today, just put up awards for this page and others that I am offering.... e-mail if you think are to either give me an award or have a page to nominate! And also changed the "navigational bar."


Hey! I posted up my first award! With that, I created my two of my own awards! When I surf the web, I'll be looking for any site that can win these awards, or you can apply yourself! Just make sure that the subject heading has the word "award" in it.
Also, I just put up a FAQ, so hope that helps out a bit! I also spell-checked Gauss' Biography (credit Bob Pratt).


I finished the last of the quotes for now! I have decided to add in a "Misc. " section, I found some interesting things about Gauss, but I don't think that it's all that important, but it might be, so it will be posted. I have also decided to add in a page to help people with any papers/projects on Gauss. Maybe even a FAQ. I also recieved my first award! So, I'll be making a trophy room too! Feel free to add more in there! hehehe. So, expect to see some additions onto this page soon!


Added some more quotes..... if anybody has any suggestions, that would be great! I'm running out of ideas other than other formulas that he has...just don't expect me to type up the entire Disquisitiones Arithmeticae!"


Added some more quotes, and had all of the geoguides finally up and going!


I added another section onto the page. The link entitled "Quotes" is made with the student in particular in mind. Someone that is writing a paper/speech or doing a project on Gauss. These should be used if one needs citations or maybe just to make one sound smarter. Either way, again, they are free, just sign the guestbook.... depending on how many signatures I get, is proportional to how hard I will work on the page! Anyway, I'll be adding many quotes for the next few days, and we'll just have to see after that. I have also given the "quotes" a spot on the navgational bar and added another source onto the works cited list.


Added the GeoGuide to more of the internal links to this site. I'm sure that it was getting annoying to all of us. Besides, I also get more GeoTickets! I'll be adding in some REAL information soon, I'm just trying for easier navigation and appearance right now.


Eliminated some of the "NEW!" pictures. They were no longer new.

A little note from me, inspired by Lori and Leah. I've always wanted something like this to happen, but I had no idea that I have achieved it so soon! Thank you very much for telling me! I'll continue to work on this page! I will be doing another page another under-rated person next summer!


Seems like every good page has some type of "updates" page, so I figured that I would have a log as well. So, my first entry in the "updates" page is that there will be an "updates" page!

I have also included instructions on how Gauss constructed the 17-gon. Links to it will be through the Formalae section and two links in the biography where they are mentioned.

I have also updated the Works Cited List, not just because I used another source for the 17-gon, but also that I realized that I wasn't using the correct MLA format.

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