Born in the year 2000, Sinagbayan or Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan (Art for the People) is a grassroots organization of young artists and writers in the Philippines working for the advancement of arts and culture and mobilizing the people towards the path of national democracy, with chapters in schools and communities.  

The year 2006 confronted us with an economy in crisis and a government in question. True to our cause of serving the people, we carried and supported the people's campaigns: 
Workers: Struggle for decent wage, employment and union formation
Peasants: Struggle for land and genuine reforms 
Women: The Subic Rape Case 
Youth: Right to Education and the Students Autonomy 
Indigenous Peoples: On the Fight for Ancestral Domains, Life and Resources
Urban Poor: Right for decent housing and basic services 
National: Respect for human rights and condemnation of political killings, harassment and disappearances
March against repressive laws and policies: the Calibrated Preemptive Response, Charter Change and the Value Added Tax  International: Exposure on the Realities of Globalization and the Imperialist War of Terror   


"Repleksyon" (Reflections) A multimedia play production that features Juan and his family reflecting on the present threats of Martial Rule. Staged for free in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City. March 2006. 

"Walang Pag-aari" (Workers Own Nothing) A dance drama piece on how workers can liberate themselves from unfair working conditions and contractualization. Presented for the commemoration of the May 1 Labor Day in the Philippines

"Good News ni Glo" (Good News from the President) A satirical lightning performance on how the government's response to people's issues contribute to the worsening of poverty in the country. Presented for the commemoration of the May 1 Labor Day in the Philippines

"Militarization in Negros" A dance drama piece based on the Factual Report on Negros Human Rights Situation by international delegates who participated in the International Labor Solidarity Mission organized by the Ecumenical Labor Institute for Education and Research and the Alliance of Concerned Teachers with musical background from the albums of Pinikpikan and Patatag. Staged at the PETA Theatrical Center in May. Also presented during the Peasant's Vigil at the Department of Agrarian Reform in June

"Krisis de Mayo" (May Parade on Crisis) A parody of the traditional festivities in May. Instead of the usual sagala of flowers and women clad in fabulous gowns, mourning women (Inang Bayan) representing the poor conditions of sectors parade in the community, with GMA (current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) as the Ina ng Krisis ng Bayan (reigning Queen of Crisis 

"Isa na Namang Aktibista ang Pinatay!" (Another Activist Killed!) A lightning performance on the spate of political killings (four activists and one journalist a week) and a call for justice. June 12, 2005, commemoration of Independence Day in the Philippines. 

"Kontrabusal"A multi-media exhibit on human rights and the people’s fight at the UP Faculty Center Galleria. July 2006  "
"Bumabangon sa Hukay ang Batas Militar"A poetry interpretation featuring how the human rights situation at present is reflective of the Marcos Martial Law times. Mobile performance in schools and communities.

Face Painting Women's March 2006 

Sining + Bayan: Repertoire Compilation First of a Series of Sinagbayan's Repertoire

NEW SONG COMPOSITIONS: Martsa Anti Cha-cha VAT, VAT, Ba't? Sa Pag-alab Kung Hindi Ngayon,Kailan Pa? Adios, Gloria! ToFI (Tuition and Other Fees Increase)  

photos of performances...


Improvisational Theater Workshop A free three-day workshop for students and community youth. Its output included skits and dance pieces on workers. Barangay Commonwealth, April 2006. 

Basic Visual Arts Workshop A free three-day workshop for youth and elder Aetas, an indigenous group in the Philippines who are victims of discrimination, deprivation, dislocation and human rights violations. Its output murals were presented during the Aeta Solidarity Night, August 2006.

Basic Visual Arts Workshop A free three-day workhop for freshmen students in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Commonwealth campus and youth from the community. Barangay Commonwealth, November 2006. 

Integrated Theater Workshop A free three-day workshop for young peasants and fisherfolks of Southern Tagalog. Its output was a cultural showcase by the seashore. November 2006.  Theatrical Training for Women A one-week trainor's training for women in preparation for their facilitation of a theater workshop for children. October 2006.  

International Trade and War     
Cultural Diversity, Invasion of Culture and the Role of Cultural Worker       
Current Issues: Charter Change, the E(vil)-VAT, political killings    
The Need for a Transition Council     
Peasant Situation    
Philippine history        
Orientation on Cultural Work    
Education and the Youth    
Implications of the ASEAN Council Meeting;
National Situation 


Philippine Cultural Summit Gathering and roundtable discussions of regional and national cultural organizations working in the grassroots with the theme, Preserving the Role of the Filipino Artists in Nation Building in the Time of Globalization. With the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. September 2006.  


Pagninilay Hinggil sa Cha-cha (Reflections on the Charter Change). A forum held in coordination with the local parish council in Barangay Commonwealth to bring light to the various questions concerning charter change.  Speakers: Father Gerry Sabado (UCCP) and Atty. Ramon Te (CODAL). June 10, 2006.    

PAKSA: Kritisismo sa Likhang Sining The forum tackles the relevance of criticism, mass criticism and revolutionary criticism of creative works. September & October 2006.  

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Tara na UP! Cultural Integration and Community Service through the Arts A volunteer program in coordination with the Civic Welfare and Training Services Program of the University of the Philippines (UP), Diliman. Scholars from the university integrated with and conducted workshops and services farm workers in Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, the struggling workers of Nestlé Philippines in Laguna and urban poor communities in Quezon City.  

photos of exposures...


Fetad! Ang Pagbawi sa Payew (People's War: Redeeming the Rice Land) A dance drama piece for video production remounted in the Cordillera Region in support of the Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific’s (PAN AP) Save the Rice Campaign. The first mounting of the piece was presented during the 2005 Rice Festival held in Hongkong, in the occasion of the International Protest Against the World Trade Organization. The piece is a celebration for rice culture, biodiversity-based ecological agriculture and community wisdom for food sovereignty and defense of land and life.  

Conference on US Militarism and War on Terror in the Asia Pacific and the East Asia and Oceania Consultative Conference . SINAGBAYAN attended as delegates and performers in these conferences organized by the ILPS and the APRN and with the theme, "Advance the People's Solidarity and Struggle for Liberation and Democracy Against Imperialist Plunder and War!" December 9-11, 2006. 

International League of People's Struggle (ILPS) Study Conference on Culture, Arts and the Free Flow of Information. Spearheaded by Philippine cultural groups to share updates on cultural activities and to draw up plans for the coming year. December 12, 2006.  

Sinagbayan's Commonwealth Chapter held its General Assembly on May 31, 2006 wherein committee members were elected and new members were sworn in. 


Sinagbayan held its 2nd Congress in March in the University of the Philippines, calling for the solidarity of cultural workers and artists to uphold human rights and people's aspirations. A new set of national officers were elected. Members establish their pledge to continue serving the people through the arts and cultural work.  


Quezon City Development Council. Former Chairperson Mr. Marfred P. Waddel and now Propaganda Committee Head sits in the City Sectoral Representatives, Socio-Cultural Sector of the local government.
UP Student Council. Present Chairperson of the Sinagbayan UP Chapter Mr. Jimmy Melendrez sits in the College Representatives, College of Education, UP Diliman.  

The year 2006 confronted us with repressive laws and spate of political killings because of but for us in Sinagbayan, along with other cause oriented organizations in the Philippines, we remain undaunted. We will always be in the streets: to dance, sing, recite a poem and present our murals to let our voices be heard!

Joan Lerio
Secretary General

"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"
"Excel in creating and popuarizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"
- from SINAGBAYAN's General Program of Action
About Us
Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan (Art for the People)

"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"

"Excel in creating and popularizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"

         - from SINAGBAYAN's
General Program of Action

SINAGBAYAN is a cultural mass organization based in the Philippines. Its membership is composed of writers, musicians, visual artists, art enthusiasts, cultural workers and activists who arouse, organize and mobilize the masses towards national democracy.

SINAGBAYAN serves the people
by actively participating in the people's struggle; in particular,  by advocating a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented culture. 

Art from the people and for the people. SINAGBAYAN studies, creates and popularizes art and literature which present the life and struggle of the Filipino masses.

programs include:




community integration

international work


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Mailing address:
39 Scout Bayoran, Barangay South Triangle, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines

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1287 - 10805 - 9
Depositor's ID:
Equitable-PCI Bank,
New York-EDSA branch

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