"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"
"Excel in creating and popuarizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"
- from SINAGBAYAN's General Program of Action
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Community Integration
Education and Skills-Development
Other programs and activities:
International Work
Productions and performances for 2006
"Repleksyon 2" ("Reflections 2")
March 7, 2006 at the MRB (Medium-Rise Buildings) stage in Barangay Commonwealth, QC.

This sequel to "Repleksyon s
a Eleksyon" ("Reflection on Elections") was produced by the CWTS (Community Welfare and Training Service) class under Professor Roselle Pineda  (College of Arts and Letters, UP Diliman) and the SINAGBAYAN-Commonwealth chapter. This musicale portrays the life of Juan and his family amidst the worsening economic crisis and impending martial law.
May 1, 2006
SINAGBAYAN performed "Walang Pag-aari" (No Ownership), a poem depicting the plight and struggle of workers.  SINAGBAYAN also staged the lightning performance "Good News ni Glo" (Gloria's Good News), a satire depicting Arroyo's lies, puppetry and fascism. These performances were produced immediately after a 3-day workshop on Improvisational Theater, attended by students and out-of-school youth.
International Labor Solidarity Mission
May 7, 2006, PETA

SINAGBAYAN performed "Militarisasyon sa Negros" (Militarization in Negros), a dance-drama sequence depicting the rise of political killings orchestrated by the US-Arroyo regime.  The ILSM featured testimonies and performances depicting actual cases of state terrorism in various regions in the Philippines.
Krisis de Mayo (Crisis of May).
May 30, 2006.

As an alternative to the traditional Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) parade, Krisis de Mayo depicted the various issues troubling the Inang Bayan (Mother Country), such as poverty, political repression and killings, labor export, etc.. The parade was staged by the SINAGBAYAN-Commonwealth chapter, in coordination with other local militant organizations (such as Migrante and Gabriela), along the streets of Barangay Commonwealth and along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.
KONTRA-BUSAL (Anti-Censorship)
July 2006
Faculty Center Gallery, UP Diliman

Staged by the UP SINAGBAYAN chapter, the exhibit showcased various depictions of the deepening political repression and economic crisis. KONTRA-BUSAL is also an alliance of artists and cultural workers upholding freedom of expression and denouncing political repression, of which SINAGBAYAN is a member.
"Isang Aktibista na Naman ang Pinatay!"
(Another Activist is Killed!)
Independence Day
June12, 2006

SINAGBAYAN performed drama sequences showing the upsurge of political killings under the US-Arroyo regime.
January 2006

The fake and fascist president is depicted as the Queen of Cha-Cha (Charter Change), dancing to the cha-cha beat under the dictates of the US and supported by the
trapos (traditional politicians) de Venecia and Ramos.
State of the Nation Address (SONA)
July 2006

Every year, the SONA is bombarded by the people's rallies and demonstrations due to each puppet regime's broken promises and lies.  SINAGBAYAN performs opening acts to these rallies every year.
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Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan (Art for the People)
About Us
Productions & Performances
              As main vehicles for propaganda, performances are held whenever or wherever the opportunity or need arises: on the streets, in theaters, schools, communities, picketlines and other mass mobilizations. Poetry, dance, theater, music and visual arts are the usual components of each performance.
Philippine Cultural Summit
September 2006

Organized by the Amado V. Hernandez Resource Center (AVHRC) and the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the summit deliberated on the state of Philippine culture and the arts and the tasks of Filipino artists and cultural workers in nation-building, in the midst of globalization.  SINAGBAYAN participated as delegates and performers.
"Fetad! Ang Pagbawi sa Payew"
(People's War! Redeeming the Rice Land)
November 2006

A dance-drama for video production remounted in the Cordillera region for the "Save the Rice Campaign" of the Pesticide Action Network -Asia Pacific (
PAN-AP), an international organization promoting sustainable agriculture, denouncing the use of pesticides and upholding empowerment of the people.  The production was held in coordination with the  Dap-ayan ti Kultura iti Kordilyera (DKK), an alliance of national-democratic cultural groups and organizations in the Cordillera region.
Propaganda & campaigns

"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"

"Excel in creating and popularizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"

         - from SINAGBAYAN's
General Program of Action

SINAGBAYAN is a cultural mass organization based in the Philippines. Its membership is composed of writers, musicians, visual artists, art enthusiasts, cultural workers and activists who arouse, organize and mobilize the masses towards national democracy.

SINAGBAYAN serves the people
by actively participating in the people's struggle; in particular,  by advocating a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented culture. 

Art from the people and for the people. SINAGBAYAN studies, creates and popularizes art and literature which present the life and struggle of the Filipino masses.

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community integration

international work


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