"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"
"Excel in creating and popuarizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"
- from SINAGBAYAN's General Program of Action
Community Integration
Education and Skills-Development
International Work
Other programs and activities:
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Anti-Mining Conference
January 2005

SINAGBAYAN performed drama sequences depicting the various effects of mining on the land and its people.
"PIKOn na ang Bayan!" (The People  are Fed Up!)
June 2005

This lightning performance was staged during an ongoing march protesting the corruption of the US-Arroyo regime.  The performance made use of the traditional Filipino game of
piko, depicting the regime's callousness towards the needs and demands of the Fiipino people.
Rengga sa Cubao
April 9, 2005, Cubao

SINAGBAYAN performed dance interpretations of "Exodus" and "Why are you following me?" depicting the people's plight and struggle during the book launching of "Pakikiramay", a collection of poems in tribute to the peasant victims of the repression and massacre in Hacienda Luisita owned by the Cojuangco dynasty.
"Isang Umagang Wala si Gloria"
(A Morning Without Gloria)
October 2005, Cubao

This lightning performance was held in various points in the Cubao area.  Performed by representatives from different organiztions of the ADIOS GMA alliance, this dance-drama shows people power, Arroyo's ouster and the transition council as the initial and immediate steps in solving the economic and political crisis.
"Patak ng Dugo" (Drop of Blood)
Tilamsik ng Tula Poetrynight
October 2005, Newsdesk

This song and dance performance depicts the spate of political killings and the people's continuing search for justice.
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Sining na Naglilingkod sa Bayan (Art for the People)
About Us
Productions and performances for 2005
May 1
Labor Day

Liwasang Bonifacio
SINAGBAYAN performed the accompanying  flag dance to the song "Awit ng Kilusang Mayo Uno" (Song of the May One Movement); drama-dance interpretation of "Makibaka, Huwag Matakot" (Struggle, Do Not Fear); and dance-drama interpretation of the song "Pinggan" (Platter) about US imperialism's greed and deceit.
"Fetad!" (People's War!)
Anti-WTO People's Action Week
December 2005, Hongkong.

SINAGBAYAN performed for the Pesticide Action Network - Asia Pacific (
PAN-AP), an international organization promoting sustainable agriculture, opposing the use of pesticides and ensuring empowerment of the people.  "Fetad" depicts the Filipino people's struggle against imperialist globalization.
State of the Nation Address (SONA)
July 2005

SINAGBAYAN, with other organizations under the ADIOS GMA! (Artists for Democracy and the Immediate Ouster of Gloria Maapagal-Arroyo) alliance, march alongside the
kapit-tuko Arroyo effigy and staged the opening performance to the rally, exposing the lies and broken promises of the SONA.
Productions & Performances
              As main vehicles for propaganda, performances are held whenever or wherever the opportunity or need arises: on the streets, in theaters, schools, communities, picketlines and other mass mobilizations. Poetry, dance, theater, music and visual arts are the usual components of each performance.
Propaganda & campaigns

"Expand the ranks of cultural workers and activists!"

"Excel in creating and popularizing artworks from the masses and for the masses!"

         - from SINAGBAYAN's
General Program of Action

SINAGBAYAN is a cultural mass organization based in the Philippines. Its membership is composed of writers, musicians, visual artists, art enthusiasts, cultural workers and activists who arouse, organize and mobilize the masses towards national democracy.

SINAGBAYAN serves the people
by actively participating in the people's struggle; in particular,  by advocating a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented culture. 

Art from the people and for the people. SINAGBAYAN studies, creates and popularizes art and literature which present the life and struggle of the Filipino masses.

programs include:




community integration

international work


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Mailing address:
39 Scout Bayoran, Barangay South Triangle, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines

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1287 - 10805 - 9
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Equitable-PCI Bank,
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