The Good Stuff

Here it is: the crux of all things Ninja Monkey.  Nothing fancy, just a list of pages with our judgements on all things good and bad, the details of our monkey missions, and other hints of ridiculosity for our (not your) monkish amusement.  If you don't like it, sod off--this is a page for Ninja Monkeys, not Idiots Who Wish They Were Ninja Monkeys.

Ninja Monkey News
: Hello Again 01/08/05

Ninja Monkey Main Pages: M
eet the new monkey! updated 12/03/04

Citations for Accomplishments in Exellence: these guys are the opposite of tardy! updated 01/08/05

Citations for Accomplishments in Idiocy:
these are some serious tards updated 12/03/04

The D-People:
Have you made the list? updated 12/03/04

The B-People:
bitchtastik hos updated 12/03/04

Bush, in true form: a series of portraits by NMR

You Lazy Bastard
: an article by NMR new 11/02/04

Ninja Monkey Exclusive
: Cheeky Monkey interviews Pixy Ninja Monkey updated 11/01/04

Ninja Monkey Exclusive:
Cheeky Monkey interviews Ninja Monkey Red updated 10/29/04

Ninja Monkeys Inc. unveils a new ad campaign!
updated 10/22/04

Ninja Monkeys vs. Ninja Turtles
: who will win?

Ninja Monkey Glossary of Terms
: learn to speak monkey! updated 11/08/04

Ninja Monkey Photo Gallery
: see the ninjas in action

Ninja Monkey Wish List
: a chronicle of ninja wishes updated 10/19/04

What A Bastard:
Elephant Umbrellas updated 10/19/04

Good Stuff
: this stuff has the Ninja seal of approval updated 11/12/04

Bad Stuff:
things we oppose (does not include The D-People) updated 11/12/04

Honorary Ninja Monkeys
: if they were monkeys, they'd be ninjas updated 10/27/04

Dishonorable "Ninja Monkeys":
do you doubt our supremacy?

Drinking Team Roster:
Now With Collectible Cards! updated 10/21/04

Our Bizarre World
: a repository for specialness updated 10/22/04

Terms and Word
s: don't use these, dammit!

Terms and Words: dammit, use them more!

The Names Page
updated 10/19/04

The Ninja Monkey Constitution

s: sites the Ninja Monkeys like updated 11/05/4

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