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Nov. '03 What the heck? Knitting? On a crochet site? You got it!!! I'm learning how to knit, and I'm inviting you all to join along with me! First of all, I've started a chat group on YahooGroups for all of us to share our questions, accomplishments, stories and the like. It's a wonderfully unique place with knitters and crocheters of all skill levels have come together.

Sept. '05 Even though it has now been nearly two years since I started learning to knit, I still consider myself a newbie. The KnittingChat group has turned into a wonderful group a friends that all encourage each other no matter what we may or may not be working on at the time!

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I have added a tutorial page that contains links to for the most common stitches for beginners. I will be adding some more links soon that I have found useful for newbies to needles. I am currently looking for some extra-simple, super-beginner patterns. I'm really quite motivated in this endeavour, and hope that I can continue to bring you the best that I can!

new! Camera Sock!!! Yes, you read that right! A sock for your camera! The pattern was inspired by my first endeavour at knitting socks, and this is the result! I hope you enjoy it!

True "Beginner" Patterns:
Basic Diagonal Dish Cloth - AKA Grandmother's Favourite. This is the one that *everyone* seems to make. It's easy, it's basic, and definitely a beginner pattern. I've written out my version of this standard with and without abbreviations to make it easier for the newest to knitting.
Ducky Dish Cloth - My own design, this cloth only has knit and purl stitches, but needing careful counting so that the image of a duck appears.
Feather and Fans Dish Cloth - Another easy beginner pattern. It will get you started on your way to working knit ripples!
Shamrock Dishcloth - This is my own adaptation of a graph found online. It's all knit and purl, but it requires careful counting. A great pattern for the beginner wanting to increase their confidence for more difficult patterns.

Can't Get Enough Dishcloths?
Dishcloth KAL On the NCB Knitting Chat Group, we declared Febuary 2005 to be dishcloth month. We knitted up tons of dishcloths using various patterns. The patterns are all fairly easy for even the beginning knitter, the different stitches you need to learn and the counting of stitches invovled are a great way to improve your knitting. And of course, the cloths all turned out so cute that even experienced knitters weren't disappointed.

Ready for a Bit More of a Challenge?
new! Camera Sock - Yes!!! A sock for your camera! It was inspired by my first attempt at knitting a sock on dpns, and I think I did a pretty cute job of it too! Check out this pattern and pull out your dpns to try this quickie and get the hang of working in the round!

Coming Soon
Cardigan and Matching Shells - Between having trouble finding the exact pattern I wanted {hmm... isn't that how I started designing crocheted patterns???}, and being inspired by the yarn I used for the camera sock, I am going to try and work on a cardigan sweater with some matching shell tops. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!
Fishnet Soapsaver - I've got a fishnet-style soapsaver on the drawing board right now, and as soon as I get the pattern tested, it will be the first knit pattern I've designed that will be offered for sale here at the Bistro!
Harry Potter Scarf - I am still working on my own version of the famous Harry Potter Scarf. We shall see how this newest movie adds a wrinkle to the colour choices for the various houses!

...and a-knitting we will go!

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