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Who am I?
Hi there! My name is Nicole Rodgers and thanks for taking the time to visit my home on the web! I taught myself to crochet about 15 years ago and have been designing my own patterns off and on for the past 5 or so years. After much cajoling and encouragment from my friends online and off, I now offer my patterns for sale.

Why not a subscription?
I have been asked why I chose to have a pay-per-pattern site rather than a subscription-based site. Like many of you I am a busy person with more things to do than just crochet {although I often wish otherwise!}. I have a *large* family to take care of among my many other responsibilities. I love to crochet, and if I offered a subscription site, I would feel pressured to "push out" designs. This isn't fair to me, the designer, or to you, the customer. I end up losing the fun of designing because it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure, and the quality of the patterns will suffer.

What's with the knitting?
My husband encouraged me to relearn knitting while I was pregnant with our last child. I am now trying more and more stitches, and like anything else that has to do with yarn or thread, I am inspired. The focus of the bistro will always be on crocheting... especially the more innovative designs. The knitting section will be small as I believe there already are a great number of web sites devoted to it already. My emphasis will be on more beginner-friendly patterns. Not all "EASY" labelled patterns are created alike!

What is my family like?
I am very fortunate to have an *extremely* crochet-tolerant {crochet-encouraging actually!} husband. He puts up with my unlimited number of UFOs {un-finished objects} scattered throughout the house, as well as the immense amount of stash... he even helps me pick out yarn and thread sometimes! We are proud parents of seven children, with crocheting and other crafts being my lifeline to sanity! My favourite place to crochet is on the couch, beside my husband, in the evenings after dinner; but you would be hard-pressed to find me without a crochet hook handy no matter where I am! There is always a project on the go right beside my computer; usually a ball of yarn with a granny square or dishcloth attached to it in the car; and of course, my project bag that goes with me wherever I am -- doctor's offices are a great place to get a few rows of 'whatever' done! But please don't ask me how many crochet hooks and other crochet-related items I keep in my purse at all times {teehee}!

let the creative thought waves begin...

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