Team Makeup

These are some examples of teams that may be used, depending on the map and situation:


1. Smg and 2 rifles…close in fighting of smg for point man, with long range support of rifles. Also added number of grenades. Very mobile unit for search and destroy.


2. Sniper, smg, rifle…close in fighting of smg for point man, protective covering fire of sniper as point moves up. Rifle covers snipers back until they move up to the covered position of the smg. Slower units, layered fields of fire, move and wait sneaking and creeping. Sniper takes out long range targets, smg makes sure new “sniper nest” is clear.


3. Smg and 2 mg…heavy fire power of mg’s for putting high volume of fire on longer ranged targets, smg covers back’s of mg gunners. Fire and maneuver team, for advancing on well defended areas with open fields of fire.


4. Mg and 2 smg…smg’s are main killing force with mg used as covering fire when crossing danger zones. Fairly fast unit, smg’s get up close and personal clearing the way, mg moves with pistol for speed and pulls out the mg when needed to put long range fire on defended position that is covering a danger zone / avenue of approach.


5. 3 smg…can we say “Stalingrad?”…good for confined spaces moving room to room sweeping and clearing. Note: two smg’s would be room clearing; one smg would be protecting the rear.


Whatever the makeup of the team, the team leader should coordinate the use of the weapons. Using the maximum effective range of each weapon, the team leader can coordinate the team mobility and maneuverability to effect overlapping fields of fire with considerations for defense of the team and aggression of the enemy.


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