Tips for Tactical Combat




These tips are designed to help new recruits learn tactical combat.




Treat every house, window, door, bush, and foxhole as if an enemy soldier

is behind them.


Hug walls at all times and try not to stay out in the open for a long

period of time.


Do not fire unnesscary rounds into an area that you are not sure is

occupied by the enemy. This will cause your postion to be known.


If you find yourself outnumbered, do not stay in one place AFTER you have

fired at the enemy. The enemy will send men to try and outflank you.


Do not stand or lean outside windows or doors for long periods of time.


Team work is essential. Relay relivant information to your comrades about

enemy positions.


Do not CHAT FOR LONG PEROIDS OF TIME. During clan matches is not the time

to talk about some rash you just noticed.




If any member has any tips to contribute please notify Sgt.ShotgunChris Training Division

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