SOP and Tactics

A team leader uses team members to defend or attack. The team leader makes decisions based on his or her orders and on the battlefield situation. They determine which house to clear, how to approach a danger area, when to use smoke or grenades etc. The team members have to understand how to work together so that every move isn’t being controlled by the team leader. SOP is the way the team members do things every time. For example an SOP could be that team member A uses the sniper rifle to watch open doors and windows while the team leader and member B cross the open space. Then when it is secured team member A moves to a new hide position under cover of the leader and member B. In this way the leader just says cover to team member A and everyone knows what to do.


By having a solid SOP covering most situations the team leader can concentrate on tactics and direct the team with simple commands knowing exactly what each member will be doing.


i.e. “Ghost covering fire Bld #2 -- 2nd floor, Fox clear Bld #2 first floor” all team members would know what was going to happen. 

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