Basic Team SOP

Teams will need to operate under standards by which all team members agree to and understand. This is called a standard operating procedure. The following is an example of a SOP for a hypothetical team. The [SSPzA] may have its own SOP and each team may have its version of that SOP. This would be like the commander of the clan giving an operations order and the team leader giving Frag orders based on it.


Team preparation:

Prior to engaging the enemy as a unit, the team will need to be prepared. Primarily the preparation would be in just agreeing to who the leader is, tactics that will be used etc. However there are a few steps and actions that can be taken that will help ensure a smooth operation.


Prior to launching games it would be useful to open a GS chat area for the members to discuss the mission. This would be a team operations order. It would also be a time to clear up any questions about what is going to happen. The following are some suggestions that may help.


1. Communication: All players will have Roger Wilco on for team only communication. Use of the team chat feature should be used when issuing communications that all people on the same side can read. The use of team taunts, “Cover me” etc should NOT be used as part of the teams communication, there is too much room for confusion since other players will be using these. Let the team feel free to use the voice command feature of MOH/SH for fun!


2. Fire & Maneuver: Practice maneuvering, crossing danger zones, clearing buildings etc on an empty map just to get down the process and communication. Practice covering the point man as he moves up to new positions, then moving up to the position etc. Practice placing smoke and using grenades as a team to clear danger areas. (Remember smoke is an excellent way to lure the enemy into a position where they can be flanked)


3. Use maps to coordinate team movements and threat identification:


Maps will be made available for download as in this sample:


Aerial View of Sniper Last Stand


 Map View of Sniper Last Stand


These maps will be made for each of the maps from the SSPzA download page as well as the standard MOH maps. They will be in printable tiff format. Each member should download and print them for reference as they become available. The numbering of the points of interest will be standard, beginning in the NW corner numbering around clockwise along the edges, with interior positions having the remaining numbers.


4. Practice using the maps on empty servers. For example: a three man team is moving from the bottom of this map toward the top. “Ghost, move to corner of 13, Blade move into 19 to set up covering fire”…Ghost throw smoke into open area, Blade cross to 20”,…Blade says:” enemy spotted top window of 21”, Ghost says, “Got’em, area clear” …

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