Some Definitions:

Operations Order is the general orders given by the field commander (highest rank on field of battle) to the unit commanders prior to battle. This is the strategic portion.


Frag Order is the orders given during conflict that direct combat in a dynamic environment (changing battle conditions). The Frag Order is an amendment of the Operations Order in order to achieve the commands of the field commander. Frag-Os are given by the unit commanders.



SOP is the Standing Operational Procedures by which the tactics are carried out. SOP is the way soldiers are trained well before battle in order that everyone performs the same functions in the same manner consistently.


Sit-Rep is a quick Situation Report sent upwards in command to let unit or field leaders know the current battlefield situation. The Sit-Rep is the means by which a commander can issue a Frag-O (or quick command) to direct the battle flow.

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