??? Why Do We Walk???

The most commonly asked question is "Why do tactical servers insist on walking?"

The simple answer is that we choose to try to make tactical servers as much like real life as possible. For this reason we have the no running rule except when under fire or escaping granades.

 Tactical servers try to recreate the tactical environment which means that approaching a target or defending a position is achieved by skill in military tactics not by charging in guns blazing with unlimited life. A real soldier is VERY aware that a mistake means his life and possibly the lives of his team mates.

Typically someone argues the point that real soldiers do not walk all the time. While it is true that soldiers do not always walk, they also definately do not run head on into enemy fire or dash around corners without regard to thier own life.

I was an infantry platoon leader, graduate of Infantry Officers Basic Course in Fort Benning GA. XO for a mechanized infantry company and various other positions in an Infantry Batallion. US Army infantry training with regards to running is as follows:

Run when under direct fire to nearest cover.

Run to escape injury. Artillary for example.

Run to cross danger areas in 3 second rushes. IE under fire.

Otherwise walk in most other instances for the following reasons:

Soldiers cross large areas of terrain, too much to run all the time.

Heat exhaustion, and fatigue due to heavy gear.

Troops need to move into combat positions quietly so the enemy is either unaware of them or at least cannot discern troop strength and exact position.

Attack by suprise is much more effective than an announced charge.

The reasons for not running go on, and of course the situation would determine when it is ok to run. In the game trying to judge when it is or is not ok to run would get too involved. So for simplicity the game rules are condensed to be:

Run when under fire or granade attack only!!!

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