Infantry Squad Movement Techniques


There are three movement techniques used by

the infantry squad. These are not to be confused

with formations. The techniques are:



Traveling Overwatch

Bounding Overwatch


Referencing Army Field Manual FM 100-5

and Army Infantry Squad Operations

training documentation IN 0201:



Since MOH/SH is designed for “contact expected”

I plan to only discuss Bounding Overwatch.


Bounding Overwatch is a controlled movement by teams

during contact or expected contact with the enemy.

Basically one team moves into a position to place fire

on possible location that could fire upon the other team as

they move foreward. Once the second team is in position

they prepare to place fire on possible enemy positions that

fire on the first team when they move up.


The teams place suppressing fire when necessary to prevent

the enemy from firing on the team they are overwatching.

Suppression fire does not mean taking careful aim. It means

firing as quickly as possible into windows etc to make

the enemy keep their head down.


With protective fire, smoke, cover and concealment the teams

leap frog from position to position advancing toward an

AP (attack point) from which an assault can be made. Note that

this form of maneuver can be used to retreat, but not as



The following will be a series of diagrams showing two

teams using Bounding Overwatch.


Teams circle and square start at one end of a map and are to

follow a road to a building known or expected to be occupied.

They do not know if there are any other enemy forces lurking




diagram 1 layout of area



Team C (circle) and Team S (square) are to move from the lower right

corner to the bld in the upper left corner and secure it.

Team S Watches the area in grey (field of fire) as Team C moves from

the wall and into the house. If C is fired upon or enemy presence is determined,

S will fire on the windows and doors until C is in position.



diagram 2


C occupies the house and sets up fields of fire to cover S as they move to

occupy positions in the ravine.

diagram 3



S sets up fields of fire to overwatch as C makes 2 moves. 1st they move around

to the back of the house. Note here that they do NOT have overwatch from S.

There are times you will be out of the protective eye of the other team. 2nd move for C

is to cross the open area between the water tank and the house, in direct view of the bld

AND from the walls. S now has an overwatch position to watch the walls and water

tank, but not the bld. S and C both smoke the road close to the house so S field of fire

is not obstructed too much, waiting for good smoke coverage C now runs to Water tank

and clears the walls area – being careful not to expose themselves to fire from bld.

diagram 4



C is in position to cover the front of the bld while S moves into final position behind

the rock. These will be the AP’s attack positions for C and S.

diagram 5



This is the critical phase, requires GOOD communication. When S is ready for the attack,

they signal C to put suppressive fire on the bld (C should have the mg if possible)

When the firing begins S throws grenades into the bld windows and rushes the door,

S will signal C again to say they are rushing and C will shift their fires away from where

S is going to prevent TK.


diagram 6



As soon as S enters the building C ceases fire and rushes the building and sets up a hasty

defense, or helps S clear the bld.


diagram 7


Once the bld is secured S and C set up defensive

positions and radio HQ Area Secured, Awaiting Orders.




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