Teams vs. Individuals



Running up a high score shows us all how good an individual player is, especially in round based, non-run and gun servers. However, in team tactics the best team is the one that communicates and coordinates the best. They may not be the highest scoring individually, but as a team they can be unstoppable. This is true in life as well as in the game. When 3 players are not concerned with their own scores in a game, but play to protect each other as they search and destroy, the total kill count will be far greater than any sum of their individual kills.  Ego is a team killer. So if you want to win battles and matches, put aside your ego. Contribution on a team is not measured by the kills, but rather by your successes in placing appropriate covering fire, putting smoke where it needs to be, pinning down an enemy as your team mate flanks their position.


Being on a team also means sacrificing to gain rewards in victories. By sacrificing I mean that you do not necessarily get to choose your favorite weapon – you will need to use a weapon that advances the teams abilities. For example a 3 man team might be comprised of 1—sniper, 1—BAR, and either a smg or a rifle. Another compromise you’ll be expected to make is that of smoke and grenades. In a team you do carry these, much like an infantryman might carry a LAW light antitank weapon in real combat, but it is the team leader who “uses” them. They tell each team member when and where to use the grenades and smoke. This ensures these weapons are placed on appropriate targets at the proper time to ensure team safety and victory. For example the team leader might tell member “Ghost” to put smoke in an alley and member “Blade” to put a grenade in a danger zone window, as this is done the team crosses the danger zone with safety. Letting members of the squad use the weapons indiscriminately can lead to wasted ammo which could lead to the team being left in danger unnecessarily.


So sacrifice and discipline on the team members part builds a stronger team, a team that in itself is a more powerful weapon than the sum of its members and weapons.

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