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The Oriental Peal TV Tower, Shanghai

Welkom !!

To our new look site. Following the purchase of some new hardware we can now offer a more professional and reliable service. As promised we have lots of new ideas for the coming months but are currently consolidating our position and considering our options (sounds like you're after a transfer - ed.) We would like to thank our readership "wherever you are and whoever you may be" for their loyal and long suffering support.

Parish Notices

For Those Using Notifiers

The problem is these will trigger even when there is a silly change on the site. The solution is to put a small text message at the top of the page in red when we do this. Otherwise just check the headline.

If you feel particularly stupid and have relatives abroad you can use our currency converter program in your emails. You do need to download awk and save of the file to disk. I wouldn't bother but if you do decide to do it you should be warned that you send messages to the UK at your own risk.

A Full Copy

May we recommend the excellent Webminer available from Download.com among other sources for copying (mirroring an entire site) as we have had a few failures recently. A fast connection is essential however. Check the Mirror Web Structure tickbox and select all files in the filter to copy the site in its original structure as some of the file names are duplicated I believe it also as facilities to update the copy only if the files on the server have changed.

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Just trying to work out what to do with our new domain name ...


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In short if we are creating Home Yahoo replace all local references in home.htm with full ones and all references to Home Yahoo with local ones. We also add the code for the weather which is Yahoo specific. At the same time as we upload a new set of pages we also email Index.html to our Yahoo account so that in the event of a complete system failure we still have an up to date page as well as implementing a backup strategy.

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Raison d'Etre

The idea behind this rather modest site is to weave a set of photographs taken during and following the Summer of 2001 into a set of illustrated stories giving a snapshot of life in The Netherlands from the point of view of a buitenlandse gast.

Binnenkort op de Site

Off Again

Time to go again but hopefully we'll have some stuff on the site just afrer Midsummer

Authors Note

Readers with the standard settings for Internet Explorer will note that the base text on this site is displayed in a large font. The home page (this one) has been designed using the Netscape tools and at the point of writing the authors are unable to view it using Internet Explorer. For the photo stories I used Microsoft Word to generate the HTML but found that the code was too cumbersome and it was not obvious whether it would work with other browsers. I have decided to use a custom HTML editor for the source. This had the added advantage of making the text size customisable by the reader and not the author.

To change the text size in Internet Explorer use View the Text Size In Netscape select the Preferences option from Edit menu then change the font (under the appearances list item.)

Feel free to copy the source for the table layout on this page I know how hard tables are so the sooner you master them the sooner you can get on with producing content. I would prefer it if you put a reference in to give us some free publicity but don't worry if you don't want to we have no legal fund so we can't do anything.


The photo stories on this site were produced primarily with Microsoft Word 97 and 2000. The pictures were imported (ingevoegt) as a links and not copies. On the button in the dialog there are three options rather than just a choice of pressing or canceling (this may depend on the version.) The HTML produced is too bloated so I have to clear it up using a text editor. A more efficient method is to use the free version of Front Page provided with Outlook. This is also bloated to run on my PC and has no spell checker but process unbloated HTML so I can only advise you to use Word for the text then paste it into Front Page. If you want to send them as email a good tip is to use WinZip to produce one file and attach that to the message rather than sending multiple files.

Photo Stories

The Road to Leiden (2)
Low Budget London (Now with Pub Guide)
Rotterdam - The Directors Cut
Zomertoer (1)
Zomertoer (2)
Meccano in Hoorn
Den Haag
Groen Hart Zuid
All is Quiet ...
Feb 2
Scheveningen Beach 2002
Ireland - The Prologue
Paris - L'Arrivee
Paris 2
Paris 3 - Le Weekend
Paris 4 - Avec Le Velo
Geneve 2
Chicken Tikka
Sneeuw 2
English Breakfast
The F.A. Cup Third Round
Fiets RAI 2003
CeBit 2003
Den Haag to Zandvoort
Beef in Guinness
The Amsterdam Arena
Bulbs 2
Scheveningen Beach 2003
Den Haag naar Scheveningen
North Sea Jazz 2003
London 2003
London's West End
The Journey to Yarmouth
Docklands 1
Docklands 2
Putney to Hammersmith


Moulin Rouge
Original Sin
Good Advice
Vanilla Sky
A Beautiful Mind
Kate and Leopold
Shallow Hal
The Villa Des Roses
Gosford Park
Panic Room
Zus and Zo
About a Boy
Scooby Do
The Sweetest Thing
Art (Nederlands)
High Crimes
Femmes Fatal
Love Sex and Marriage
Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster (NL)
Minority Report
The Guru
Volle Maan
Full Frontal
Red Dragon
Bend it Like Beckham
De Tweeling (NL)
About Schmitt
The Gangs of New York
Catch Me if You Can
Two Weeks Notice
Liever Verliefd
Swan Lake
Johnny English
Old School
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
A Big Night of Comedy
What a Girl Wants
Love Actually

Wot no Filler Material ?

Albums where each track is as good as the last

The Lexicon of Love - ABC
A New Flame - Simply Red


Linux 1 (Feb 2001)
Linux 2
Email and Confidentiality
Internet Security for Organisations
The Making of ...
A Wet Sunday (Prologue)
A Wet Sunday (1)
A Wet Sunday (2)
Resizing the Images
A Wet Sunday in Holland (3)
A Wet Sunday in Holland (4)
A Wet Sunday in Holland (5)
A Wet Sunday in Holland Second Round Update
A Wet Sunday in Holland Update (2)
A Wet Sunday in Holland - World Cup Review
American English
A Wet Sunday in Holland - The Language Debate
NDBO Calendar 2003
Email Newsletters (Updated 05/04/2003)
Photo Tips
The End

UK Politics

Burning Issues that just won't go away (written late Dec. 2001)

The Euro
The Housing Market
The Monarchy and Democracy


A look at the world of contemporary art from, shall we say an outsider's point of view

Holland and Argentina
De Tijd van De Gas
Den Haag Sculptuur 2003

Home Thoughts From Abroad

A play about ex-Pat life in the early 21st century

Ephisode 1
Ephisode 2
Ephisode 3
Ephisode 4
Ephisode 5


The name change is to reflect the international make up of the readership. In case you are new to the site it stands for "Nederland Door Britse Ogen". In case you wondered we are strictly a non-profit making site - we pay for everything ourselves and are not currently planning a float on the Nasdaq but wouldn't say no to a non-interfering sponsor.


Did you find yourself drawn to the eye ? Yes I did as well and I found I always made it the focus of my attention even though I knew I should have been reading the headline. I have no expertise in the area but this is obviously a base instinct after all even babies have it. It is actually the reason why the trick of having a tenner (see how old I am you have to use a 20 now) to get served quickly in a bar or pub. The barman/maid reacts to the movement instinctively and then you follow it up with eye contact. It is impossible for them to pretend they haven't seen you so they tend to serve you first to avoid embarrassment. Experienced bar staff know this of course and have absolutely no problem with this old trick.

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