University of Michigan

     National Center for Postsecondary Improvement

        Project 5.3 on Student Learning and Assessment






Toolkit Index


Tools to Engage the Campus Community

        Presentation Materials for Campus Leaders

        Key Findings from Project 5.3



         Glossary of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment  

        NCPI Project 5.3 Publication List


Tools to Assist with Designing Conceptual Models

        What is a Conceptual Model? 

        Conceptual Model TemplatConceptual Model Templat


Tools for Survey Researchers

        Introduction to the surveys
A checklist for survey administrators
        The faculty survey
        The student survey


Tools for Qualitative Researchers


            A checklist for interview researchers
            An interview protocol checklist
            A sample faculty interview protocol
            Interviewing tips

        Focus Group

            Pros and cons of using focus groups

            Potential focus group participants

        Informed Consent Policy


Report Writing Tools

        Suggestions for Linking Campus and National Data


Project Description

        Project Overview

        Project History



Additional Resources

        Links to Resources       


For More Information

       National Center for Postsecondary Improvement

        Project 5.3 Toolkit Homepage

        Project 5.3 Tutorial



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