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Faculty Survey on Teaching, Learning and Assessment (FSTLA)

 The purpose of the faculty survey was to examine institutional support for undergraduate teaching, learning and assessment.  Survey results provided a profile of faculty membersí professional backgrounds, responsibilities, workloads, attitudes, and perceptions during the 2000-2001 academic year.  Faculty members reported their perceptions of student expectations, abilities, learning styles, and preparation.  The survey also documented perceptions of institutional and departmental reward systems, governance structures, and the quality of facilities and resources.  Several questions captured faculty attitudes toward assessment, perceptions of the institutional climate for innovative teaching, learning, and assessment practices, as well as satisfaction with several dimensions of the academic work environment.

 The Faculty Survey on Teaching, Learning and Assessment further asked faculty to report their frequency of engagement in teaching, research, and service activities.  This included the extent to which they used innovative teaching and assessment practices in the classroom.  Additional questions tapped faculty participation in professional development initiatives on campus as well as their involvement in academic planning and interdisciplinary activities.  In addition, the survey collected demographic information such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, family status, education, and employment background.


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