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Project 5 - Overview

As one of six projects conducted within the federally-sponsored National Center for Postsecondary Improvement, a research center of the National Postsecondary Institute, U.S. Department of Education, Project 5 is a multi-level project conducted by research teams from the University of Michigan. 

Studying approaches to the improvement of teaching, learning, and assessment at these various levels allows researchers to apply their expertise in public policy, organizational behavior, and individual behavior, with the common goal of improving undergraduate education.

Project 5.3 Description

Project Area 5.3 of the National Center for Postsecondary Improvement (NCPI) was established to examine student and faculty experiences, perceptions of the collegiate environment, and practices that are related to undergraduate teaching, learning, and assessment activities. Since 1996, our work has sought to link these findings through various approaches, including the review and analysis of existing national data sets, the development of a research designs to analyze data, to evaluate selected reform and innovation practices related to teaching, learning, and assessment.

This "toolkit" is intended to extend our previous work by providing tools, techniques, and insights based on our work to a diverse array of higher education stakeholders, including institutional leaders, faculty, policymakers, employers, students and parents, and other researchers.  We extend special thanks to the many individuals who helped make this project a success (acknowledgements).



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