University of Michigan

      National Center for Postsecondary Improvement

        Project 5.3 on Student Learning and Assessment





Project Area 5.3 of the National Center for Postsecondary Improvement gratefully acknowledges the support of all those who participated in data collection, data analyses, report writing, and research dissemination activities over the course of this project.  The assistance of numerous individuals made this research a possibility.  Special recognition is due to the following individuals:


Principal Investigators

Dr. Eric Dey Dr. Sylvia Hurtado


Research Associates

Jack Bernard Ellen Waterson Meader
Cherry Danielson Christine Navia
Fenghua Guan Luis Ponjuan
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas Byung-Shik Rhee
James Johnson Zhengxu Wang 
Adrianna Kezar Leslie Adams Wimsatt
Malinda Matney Mary Ziskin


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