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        Project 5.3 on Student Learning and Assessment

                  The Undergraduate Student Survey:


Student Experiences with Teaching, Learning and Assessment (SETLA)

The purpose of the Undergraduate Student Survey was to provide campus administrators with insight regarding issues that affect student learning.  The questionnaire asked undergraduate students to report their exposure to teaching, learning, and assessment strategies used by faculty in the classroom, and then document the extent to which they found these methods effective.  Additional items assessed how students spent their time during the 2000-2001 school year, including the number of hours they devoted to studying, attending class, using computers, and participating in activities outside of the classroom.  Students also provided estimates of their personal and educational growth in areas such as general education, written and oral communication, individual and social development, and critical thinking.

The survey asked students about their perceptions of the intellectual atmosphere on campus.  In addition, the students reported course-taking patterns, educational plans for the future, and whether they were satisfied with undergraduate educational experiences.  The survey collected demographic information, including gender, race/ethnicity, family status, and socioeconomic status.  Personal background information and pre-college educational experiences were also documented. 


Take a look at the variables and factors extracted from the student survey data.

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